Graves - does level of antibodies matter?

Is there any significance at all to antibody levels in Graves disease?

The NHS don't seem to pay much attention to monitoring this, & take the view that "if you've got antibodies, that's it - how many doesn't matter" - implying that levels of antibodies aren't an indication of disease activity. I was pleased to discover that mine are how half what they were last time I was tested, but was swiftly deflated by a doctor telling me this (... so what was the bloomin' point of testing it then?!!)

They do, however, take notice of rising/falling levels of other auto-antibodies.

Anybody know?

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  • sorry i do not know how to answer your question but i would like to know what people think about your question, it is of interest to me as well. hope people will answer

  • Hi If any help replied on the main question.


  • Hi Well I do know there did not use to be a test for antibodies. certainly a useful guide at beginning of diagnosis. However, the treatment is exactly the same,so personally I do not bother but concentrate on TSH, T4 and free T3 and all the other hormonal ,autoimmune diseases it is important to test for these, b12 + foliates, iron/ferritin , vit d and diabetes.. Also on the many autoimmune diseases which are treated as they appear..

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