I watched a programme last night about an Americal model who had died suddenly. The Autopsy report showed that her death had been due to taking large dozes of pescription medication including diazepan and other meds in the same family that slowed her breething down. The model was also injecting herself with vitamin B12 and the skin had become infected this along with the meds contributed to her death. The autopsy also showed that she had an underdiagnosed medical condition Hashimotos thyroiditis, which the coroner described as a very unusual thyroid disease. The model had for years been on medication for depression, anxiety and panic attacks. It was a very sad story and even when there were many apparent thyroid symtoms beinf presented thyroud disease had not been picked up.

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  • I missed last nights but i saw micheal Jackson and Whitneys interesting but sad programmes. The amount of stuff people put in there bodies in beyond me i dont like taking an asprin but pooranna with proper treatment she could ofbeen alright. Just shows even with the best private doctors they get it wrong not just our gps(not all).

  • I agree, she also feared the medical profession because of her public image of trying to keep slim with meds when the weight gain was due to Hshimotos.

  • Sadly some doctors still do not make the links between depression/anxiety/panic attacks and the thyroid. It is so overlooked. Dr P suggests in his book - The Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy - that anyone suffering from depression should have the thyroid tested. Then again so many people are told 'normal 'when only the TSH is tested and appears to be in range. Anti-body testing is another problem - people with Hashi's are more prone to mental issues I have read - but it seems to be a huge battle to have anti-bodies tested in the UK - especially if the TSH is in range. It makes me very angry....

    The brain has the biggest demand on T3 - followed by the gut when T4 does not convert into T3 there will be issues...

  • The facts are all there but what do we do when we are not listened to. I went to see an endo with an array of symptoms and she said she would only go on my blod results. Nothing as changed over the years in my experience and still when you go to the doctor they wont prescribe anything until your blood tests come back...when i say anything i mean anything other than antidepresents...they have no clinical proof that you are depressed yet thats what they offer time and time again. The reality of it is would not have periods of feeling low when you are so fatigued day in and day out often with pain, stomach upset,insomnia.......i could go on.

  • ....I once read that the further away you live from a doctor - the longer you will live. Probably in connection with the Hunza tribe in the Himalayas - who live into their 100' that would be Philip Day in one of his books !

    It's difficult when specialists do not think outside their own personal box and link things up. Cardiologists with Endocrinologists with Gastroenterologists and so on....guess that is why Functional Medicine has to be the way forward and being embraced in the States - also in the UK - but still low key.

    Think this is why many of us have taken our own route to wellness - taken control and made progress with baby steps. Nothing works quickly - it is a slow process....

    Have never been offered AD's but can sympathise with you when that happens - not good. As you say you just want to be heard... Everyone hears you here so its good you have that support....hope you soon feel better....

  • Or,as is my case,even when the doc does detect v high antibodies,he wont prescribe cis tsh is in range.Been suffering symptoms of of hypo for many yrs and the worst aspect is undoubtably the way it can affect ur mental health;big time.

  • Am afraid your Doc is mistaken. The treatment for Hashimotos is the same. When I was diagnosed back in 2005 my Doc here in Crete explained that the T4 was to support my possibly ailing thyroid which was under attack from the anti-bodies. All the TFT's were in range - including the TSH - it was only the HIGH anti-bodies and a scan revealing nodes that confirmed the diagnosis. Maybe ask for a scan....

    We are all different in the way Hashimotos affects us - fortunately I have not suffered depression - just the normal odd day of feeling blue. Have had lots of physical stuff to cope with which kept me in the moment and dealing with the present....

    I am sad that you do not have a sympathetic Doc....what was your FT4 and FT3 in your last blood test ? Could be helpful to know....

  • Oh!docs in Crete r clearly much more 'clued up' than here in UK.I know,it is inhumane (and doesnt make sense when docs in other countries would have treated me long ago)that i have been refused treatment for 6yrs now(i started feel ill during preg14yrs ago)even tjough i have q severe physical/mental symptoms of thyroid disease ,with v high antibodies.This illness has all but destroyed my life;but ,like u say,it does force u to be here/now and i cant say that there hasnt been a 'silver-lining' elenent to this;u can grow from challenges.Anyway,my last test results (last summer) were;free T4: 15.0pmol/L(ref:12.00 -22.00).Tsh:1.66mu/L,(ref:0.30 - 4.20mu/L).TP antibodies:»600.0iu/mL(ref:0.00 - 35.00).They didnt test t3 but i am actually due for a retest tomm morn and doc said he will ask lab if they wil do t3too(hopefully).I did ask if i can have a scan to 'know'(prove to them)once and for all that i am v ill w Hashis.But gp felt my neck and said theres no lumps so cant have scan.So fustrating,when think it could be the end of this 'circus' going on with gps saying i not ill;cos scan would def show i am.I am 'resolved ' to self-med this yr ;if the gp still refuse.

    Thing is,recently i read that hypo and hyper symptoms can be the same ,abd as my tsh has been going down ,during past couple of yrs,i am not sure if i am going from hypo to hyper perhaps.I have low body temp thpugh and slow pulse/blood pressure,which i dont think can be hyperthyroid?Its all so complicated.I am low vit d3 and bit low ferritin ;sp have been supplementing.Had adrenal saliva test ;showed v v high cortisol morn;normal afternoons;lil high at bedtime(so wasnt sure if need adrenal glandulars)?Any advice apreciated.

  • Hope all goes well with your GP on this visit. You need to raise your VitD and Ferritin....and that will help you to feel better. B12 ? There are good websites to research Adrenals - try the website Stop The Thyroid Madness and also where there is a questionnaire - thyroid v adrenals - so you can tick boxes and see which is dominant.

    Hope Doc can test your FT3. Are you able to have tests done privately ? If you have anti-bodies - then you have Hashimotos and need treatment. Have a look at Izabella Wentz's website - she is a pharmacist with Hashimotos. Also click onto Hashimotos on the RIGHT of this page and have a read - lots of helpful information.

    You are right about Hyper and Hypo having some of the same symptoms. However your low blood pressure and low temperature would indicate being Hypo as you say....

    Have a read of Paul Robinson's website He is a member of this forum and there is a blog as well as lots of interesting things to read. Sorry - it's all about reading I'm afraid....

    Will look out for your posts....keep battling :-)

  • Hi Yorkshiregirl44,

    Sounds like an interesting programme, can you let me know what it was called and what channel it was on.



  • It was called Autopsy on channel 5...they show a different autopsy each week usually a famous person,last week it was Whitney Houston.

  • Yes I watched it too. So very very sad. As was the Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston Autopsy's. Oddly, I was waiting for them to say she had a thyroid problem. Worth noting also, that Michael Jackson had undiagnosed Lupus which is an autoimmune.

    Here's the link for anyone wanting to watch it:-

    Rod needs to add her to his list of famous people with thyroid disorders.

  • Thanks you just answered the previous post. I was quite shocked when the coroner said Hashimotos is a very unusual thyroid disease, i thought it was the most common.

  • So did I which was why I felt he was really trying to string the whole thing out. I suppose they have to fill the time with something. Made him look intelligent as well I suppose. After he said that I found it difficult to believe anything else he said.

  • I also was waiting for some type of thyroid issue to crop up, you could just sense it...Such a sad story as were Michael J and Whitney's but WOW how many types of prescription drugs?! When you have money the quacks and Dr's will give you anything you want and just fed their addictions till their untimely deaths, and us at the other end have to fight to get any help, not sure what's better!

  • I saw that programme, & it just goes to show that just because a drug is prescribed by a doctor,it isn`t necessarily safe.

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