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Hypothyroid while trying to nurse

Hi, I'm a diagnosed hypothyroid for 12 years, taking 125ug levaxin every night. I have a 8 week old baby whom I can't exclusively breastfeed due to my low milk supply. I recently came across natural desiccated thyroid treatment which many patients claims that it works well. I so want to breastfeed my child and beat my tiredness, I like to give it a try. Has anyone have any comment or information on this? Thanks!

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Thyroid hormone does pass through breast milk to infant in small amounts. I don't know of effects, if any, on euthyroid infants, but it would be insufficient to sustain congenitally hypothyroid infants.

Check out Scroll down the blog for links to post-partum hypothyroidism.


Congratulations and welcome Pelin.

Yes some prefer NDT but I haven't specifically heard it is more effective for breastfeeding - have you been tested recently, I think pregnant/nursing mums tend to have a slightly higher dose than usual? and I presume it would take a while to change medication.

Meanwhile perhaps ensuring irons ferritin folate B12 and Vit D are adequate may help? (my children and grandchildren were jaundiced - we were all Vit D low, my 2nd granddaughter had light therapy - however Vit D is added to formula, although I do understand it would be nice to breastfeed exclusively, but I did a bit of both - 24 years ago!) best wishes J :D


Fenugreek worked wonders for my supply. Just keep doing as much as you can while you figure this out. You can pick up breastfeeding at any time and cut out formula later if you choose. I had all kinds of problem at the beginning but I'm still breastfeeding my 15 month old & going strong. Best of luck xx

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Hi pelin, breast feeding is such a wonderful thing to do. When I had my babies I was about 18 years post thyroidectomy and was taking 300 mcg thyroxine. where i lived at the time there was a lot of support to breast feed and I managed to feed my babies exclusively, both for over 18 months. I had a breast feeding consultant helping me to start with and I didnt have enough milk either but she encouraged me to persevere and told me that milk production is stimulated by the baby sucking. My childern had and have normal TFT. it is important that you allow yourself to get enough rest and nutrition, try to get some advice from your midwife or GP on supplements.

Good luck



hi and congrats on your baby!! i was diagnosed when my daughter was 8 months old, i breastfed her despite being told my milk supply was low (although nobody suggested it might be a thyroid problem!), out of sheer determination i think. By the time i was diagnosed my supply was very good, like others have suggested, fenugreek worked wonders for me, i took about 4 capsules a day (holland and barrett ones), 2 in morning and 2 in afternoon. Also, and it wouldnt be recommended long term, but it DOES work, domperidone (or motillium is the brand name) really increases your supply, once it is good if your baby is feeding well it should stay good.

I would have to say though, the most important thing for increasing supply is to feed your baby as often as possible, i think my daughter was constantly on the boob for the first 4 months until i introduced solids.

I found the kellymom website very helpful




I breast fed my 4 children. I did struggle a lot at first. To increase your milk supply put your baby on the breast at least every 2 hours. Breast fed babies just won't go 4 hourly like babies on formula. If your baby is being fussy put baby on the breast for comfort and the extra sucking will increase your supply. Don't worry about anything else but looking after yourself with nutritious food you can grab, enough fluids and feeding in the early weeks. I know it's hard, my partner used to leave a sandwich in the fridge if I needed it and I always took a glass of water with me at each feed. You will have days when the baby is constantly feeding, this is normal, it's just natures way of bringing your supply up to what a growing baby needs.

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