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What is Happening?

What a good time to change things! We thyroid patients are already trying to cope with Christmas bearing down on us.Also,do we need the reports from 6-7 months ago which already had lots of replies?

It feels like the lead up to the TV Christmas programmes .......all repeats!!.........

Very disappointing. Sorry for the moan but what sense does it make? Is it supposed to be an improvement?

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Moan away! We are ;) Louise has already reported what we feel about this latest 'improvement' including what some of us admins feel about it. Our feelings about it are not positive!

Hopefully they will remove it again!

Carolyn x


Thanks Carolyn and Shaws.....I was hesitant to complain in case I was being (Hypo) slow.......been like it for years! Now I'm glad I did. XX


We have all moaned - we don't know what's happening one minute to the next, it appears. Yesterday, I think one I opened was more than 1 year old with about 15 replies.

The matter is being looked into (figuratively speaking)!


The tech who came up with these improvements must have had a very jolly lunch :(


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