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I am really happy!

Last week I posted that I was really cross because my hypo symptoms were re-appearing, despite my most recent blood test coming back as 'normal'. Anyway, I finally got a phone appointment with my GP, explained how I was feeling, and she said that it wasn't unusual that hypo victims needed an extra boost in the cold weather - and upped my dosage before I even asked if she would! Result! Finally, trusting my symptoms rather than the test results.

Now I can re-start my 5:2 diet (after christmas - got to give the new dose a chance to build up ;-) ). I was doing well until my dose was downgraded in August. Put nearly all of it back on.

Good luck to everyone else trying to get their dose right - a near impossible task, I feel :-(

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So glad for you Rubylou, sounds like a lovely GP - may I ask if she actually said 'victims'? good luck with the diet (after Xmas of course! J :D


No, she didn't really say 'victims' - that's my description because I think the NHS treatment we receive, from RAI therapy to those cheap thyroxine tablets, is appalling. I don't know who is to blame. NICE and their 'guidelines'? The drug manufacturers and their propaganda? The pharmacists dictating to GP's what they can and cannot prescribe?

She said 'people on thyroxine'.


I think 'victims' is very apt xx

(also those 'not on thyroxine' and untreated with Hypo symptoms as TSH 'within range' like me)


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