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Had my post op on the 25 November, got the results back

Was taken 75mg of levothyroixine they have now put it upto 100mg a day which I started on Saturday been getting headaches everyday since then and coming down with cold which in fair was starting to get a cold last week but been very slow in coming out, but the tablets are different to what I have been taken, only take one in the morning now is this normal.

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Hi The hormones are all over the place for a while post OP. I would ask for another blood test, TSH, T4 and Free T3. Also make sure you have been retested for the associated things , post OP including vit D, hormonal and iron/ferritin. B12 + foliates if not redone too.

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I have been gradually increasing from 50mg to 125mg and every increase brings on itching and dull headaches. They have gradually eased over the first 4 weeks of the increase


cheers that helps, thats a big jump. how are you feeling now


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