can i have her endo please inspiration or what

Saw this Graveser. Therese hope for us all, as i cross my fingers and say please make it be me. Why do some people make a good recovery should we say and some cant get back to a 1/4 of what we were once, im the latter is it the longer you are undiagnossed before treatment starts that stops you getting back to what you were or is it something else ?

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  • I was un diagnosed for a long long time. I had every symptom in the book bar the weight gain which came later. I was even checked for intestinal parasites! Sometimes I have good days and after a bout of these and thinking I've got it right, I get terrible hypo symptoms again and it's so depressing. Like being on a swing, up and down. I am beginning to think that for most of us this is the way it is and that is why we are here continually searching for THE answer from others. We can hope for the best and take the tips we read about and check them out thoroughly. I also find a change of air when possible is a great tonic and makes me realize that although the hashimoto's is real somehow I am much better when away from my regular day to day routine. As for the meds...I have gives every combination a shot. I am currently back on good old levothyroxine with no added extras except that the levo is not in pill form, but in liquid drops and some of the more annoying symptoms I had before seem to have momentarily disappeared. Don't worry, if this forum exists, it is because most people feel like us.

  • Docs reckon I went undiagnosed for about 8yrs with graves I had all the symptoms and was only diagnosed when a huge goitre protruded from my neck (they had since I was about 14 checking my tsh levels). At 22 I had a full tt and ok it took me 6mths to get back on my feet. I am now 39 and lived a relatively 'normal' life until this year when I had more nodules removed. Not saying there haven't been lows but I keep to my daily routine and don't let it rule my life. After all these years I know when my levels drop or rise most people find that they function better on a higher level, I have been known to raise my meds myself for a short period of time. Maybe I am just one of the lucky ones.

  • I don't think I have ever been 'spot on' but am nowhere near as bad as many on here. However I once had an ultrasound because of a swelling which showed I had a thyroid cyst about 7cm across. I had a FNA which was clear and didn't refill so good news but I had a panic during the scan. The girl doing it went to get a second opinion! It turned out I have a very granular thyroid and it the comment was that it must be very difficult to control. I agreed with that! So perfection may be never but acceptance makes it easier to deal with the situation. Thankfully though by reading everyones comments etc I am now striving for optimal general health and the benefits I am already experiencing. Also I now have the confidence to try things out and to try to make things as near to 'normal' as I can. Worry can be a huge stub bling block and can lead to even more probs. there is so much good advice around but we have to be patient and try one thing at a time. We are all different and react differently so my advice is to look and listen. An early GP I had advocated supplements which I took for many years then I stopped to get a baseline and it soon became apparent how important they they are, to get your general health in order and then review and see what next needs to be followed up on be it tweaking meds or supporting adrenals etc but patience is the key and in the meantime look and learn

  • Very good advice silverfox. :-)

  • I agree I think if you stay positive and be patient and accept what you have you can overcome anything. I also into the bargain have an aaneurysm which I am due to have an op on and I feel that if you let these things rule your life you will never get on.

  • superb advice and empathy silverfox , in my opinion that is exactly what this site is all about ....and why I will be forever grateful for the good people that have advised and helped my lady via me so far .....AND LONG MAY THEY CONTINUE .....LoL alan xx

  • Have you watched any of this doctor's videos? This mentions Graves.

  • My take on life is always to look for positives, difficult I know but even a small positive can lift our spirits, small acorns and oak trees etc. It doesn't work for everyone, I appreciate that and many often feel in a dark place. I think this site is wonderful and that we can unburden our fears among friends who can often offer really good advice and support. Family and close friends often think we can snap out of it but hang in there and let's all keep talking, sharing both our highs and lows, and knowing that this really helps to unburden ourselves and may be strike a chord with others who can pass on their experiences.

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