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Any ideas why bending to clean in a cramped space always makes me ill?

Apologies for such a weird question, but I don't really know how to phrase it. Yesterday I did something that I know I shouldn't do because it always makes me ill. It's just that I have no idea why!

I've been feeling a lot better, so I've been cleaning in my kitchen - you know the sort of thing, cupboard doors, appliances. I thought I'd finish by cleaning the window behind the sink. I live in a converted barn with deep windowsills, so I had to climb onto the draining board, crouch down and lean forward to do it. For some reason this always makes me ill. I can't clean ovens for the same reason (excellent excuse for paying an oven cleaning company to do the job for me, obviously)

Today I'm paying the price for my clean windows. Feeling (*&**. Nothing specific, just don't feel well.

The question is - why? What happens? Now that I know I have thyroid problems, is it because cramping myself up like that in a crouching position puts pressure on my thyroid? I have a long neck and also have neck problems - I can barely move it as it seized up years ago (chiropractor has no idea why - it isn't skeletal and rarely hurts).

Any suggestions? Just curious really - does it happen to anyone else?

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...could it be inner ear/balance issues - which can be a symptom of hypothyroidism too.....


I recently started a yoga class and felt unwell each time I attempted a position with my head bent forward. Coincidentally, I had my annual blood test which showed my THS was 6.6. I increased my Thyroxine from 75mcg to 100mcg daily and the feeling is much less. My TSH is now 2.4, probably still a bit too high. Does this suggest the unwell feeing is a sign of incorrect medication?


Interesting. Sounds like it might be similar. Until I was diagnosed hypo last year I had no idea what the problem could be. Now I'm suspecting a connection.

Reply sure when treatment is not optimal for the thyroid then many symptoms remain. How is your B12 ? ....and all the other tests we mention daily - Iron Ferritin Folates VitD Low B12 can certainly affect balance .....ataxia.....

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This is a completely different angle, but could you be sensitive to the cleaning products? I have multiple sensitivities and now use the least number of chemicals possible, including antibacterials, washing powders, bleach, furniture polish, floor cleaners etc.



Since I've been hypo, my balance has changed considerably. I've always had a motion sickness thing but now struggle to do my physio exercises on the floor, lying in the dentist's chair has been a challenge due to feeling queasy and riding my mountain bike has been, er, interesting on anything slightly technical due to wobbling.

Marz has made an interesting comments re inner ear issues and hypo.


Son, says anyone know why his back always seizes up in the same position as you describe - again x ray doesn't show abnormality - but it makes him feel very ill. This mostly happens when he's working on his classic car.

Acupuncture helps a lot, might be worth a try, also a Tens machine recommeded by his physio. Back has always been a problem - if you're near wilts / somerset can recommend a good clinic who seem to be helping.

I found myself crying at a yoga class in the child position - just felt so rough - similar in't it and although good point I didnt have any cleaning products with me - unless it was the floor polish!

I am better than I was on better vits and T3 only.


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