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Hypothyroidism and the Heart

Hi Everyone

Can anyone tell me about the affects of hypothyroidism on the heart?

I am hypothyroid and on 90mg Armour per day. I had an ECG the other day and the doctor thinks that I may have some heart muscle damage and or some blockages.

My symptoms were breathlessness, lethargy and constant weight gain. She has ordered some test and I am having an ultrasound on my heart on Tuesday and a stress test when I can get it scheduled.

Needless to say I am a bit scared.

Can anyone shed some light on any of this please?


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Hi Are you sure your ferritin/iron is it well in range and B12+ foliates, high in range?.These can cause breathlessness. However, it is the first sign of heart disease. Hopefully the GP is just being extra cautious. However, I would think he was suspicious of the ECG, a good G,P nice change!

The symptoms you describe may well be due to the thyroid not being right. What is your TSH, T4 and Free T3.? I have end stage heart disease with any complicated malignant heart conditions. A lot of doctors are obsessed by the TSH for this reason, however, when I explain to my top Cardios my position , they understand. MY TSH is immeasurable, it always has been. However, I do find if FT3 very low and especially if over range I have problems with my heart, additional.It s important to always be under an Endo, with heart or kidney conditions, desirable any way as whole body doc.Originally I was under a private doc, he did no tests, never bothered about the other Endo problems ( turned out, I had a lot), overdosed me on armour,by how I felt without the blood tests, he was blamed for my first 2 cardiac arrests, I do not believe that, but he certainly precipidated them. My Free T3 was way above range and my T4, however, I think it is the FT3 that is vital.I have been hypo a very long time with heart disease a long time too.

I hope this helps.

I would say, if there is a problem, good that it has been found in this way.

Try not to worry until you know what is happening.


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Hi,i cant really advise anything but just want say that in a way ur lucky that the doc is being cautious and letting u have those tests.I so wish that my doc would give me those tests;its so fustrating and scary that they wont help me.Though i can understand ur being worried about what might be found..i would be too,but must focus on fact that its better to know so u can actually take some action, perhaps, toheal it if something is found. I have been having 'heart symptoms' for a long time;mainly after strenous exercise or carring too 'heavy' shopping(and i live on fourth floor!)Its a well known fact that ,especially untreated(like me)hypothyroid can lead to heart muscle damage/disease.This is the most worrying aspect of my untreated hypothyroid,really.

I just want add that if u do find u need some support for ur heart a v g heart doc on internet is Dr Sinatra;he reccomends taking co enzyme q10(which i have been for sone time now ,and i think it does help)also l-Carnitine, d-ribose and magnesium all have heart healing properties.Goodluck.xx

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