hyperthyroidism? graves disease? swollen lymph nodes?

Hi I am a 21 year old female and I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism/graves disease for just a little over a year. Recently i have been having pain on my neck (close to the thyroid). I seen my GP and he said he could definitely feel swollen lymph nodes exactly where the pain is felt. However he brushed it off and just told me its normal.

would anybody be able to confirm what he said? I'm kinda nervous lol! oh and I take carbimazole

Thank You

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  • I get neck problems as well as bad head aches, my doctor said it might be from the thyroid pushing on my nerves.

  • Hi Insist on an ultra sound for the thyroid, common to have swelling and nodules. If nodules, you have to have a biopsy, fine needle, specialist radiologist under an ultra sound. Only way to be sure it is nothing sinister. Do not be fobbed off!For thyroid make sure to be well you have tests for TSH , T4 and Free T3, and the other desirable tests. You may need treatment for T4 and low FT3, 2 meds.There are a lot of associated autoimmune tests, mostly hormonal and autoimmune you should also be having. Frequent bloods for thyroid until stable.

    Best wishes,


    Best wishes,


  • Agree with Jackie completely. You need to find what you are dealing with. Insist on fine needle biopsy (sounds scary but if you don't look and breathe deeply it's absolutely fine and can help reassure you. You also need you T4 and T3 tests done as well - labs won't do it routinely if TSH looks OK but it's important and put your results down here and keep them in a folder. Take someone with you who sits, listens and writes down what your GP and endo says, that really helps.....x It might help if you look at your diet, I found ditching wheat and cutting down on dairy/eliminating caffeine very helpful - oh and please please don't smoke!

  • It is good to look into diet & vitamins, (before you cut things out check you get whatever they provide you with elsewhere? Calcium is important so if you cut out dairy....) Tilly, if you are better without wheat have you had a coeliac test, apparently some of the symptoms of gluten intolerance are similar to thyroid disorders, so a pain if you have both issues? My doctor tested for that and iron/ferritin levels - I had low ferritin & I'm better since taking iron supplements.

    I think with Hyperthyroidism that as it makes your body go into overdrive it uses up your vitamin/iron/zinc stores quickly (I've been reading on Thyroid UK website). My neck felt swollen at one point when I possibly became Hypo... so any changes in how you feel should also be checked with a blood test & yes definitely anything that is not resolved should make your GP/Endocronologist use further tests. Don't worry, it's easy to get upset with these conditions (I do), just keep pursing healing (swollen stuff & nodules can be harmless) and be firm with the doctors - I always write a list before I go in, sadly my friends work days so can't help me out. Perhaps make a double appointment if your list has more than 2 things on it, that way they can properly see you.

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