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If hyperthyroidism is corrected, will hair loss reverse?

I have many of the the classic hyper symptoms, but overall results within normal range. Currently pursuing more detailed tests.

I just want to feel normal and not go bald (especially as I am female). Would a low dose of whatever the appropriate med is help? I am menopausal now (does this skew the results?), and all my life have become easily overheated physically and emotionally, eat huge amounts yet remain slim, have difficulty sleeping and keeping still, anxiety (although there are also other reasons for this) and occasional palpitations. A grandmother had an underactive thyroid.

I am used to this way of being now, but my worsening hair loss (and possible heart damage) is my major immediate concern.

Thoughts, anyone?

Thank you

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Hi Londonish, I have been hyper due to graves for around 5 years now. Unfortunately my hair loss has not ceased even when my levels are "normal", have you looked into whether any vitamin deficiencies could be the cause? Low iron and/or low B12 are big causes of hair loss. Unfortunately for me I don't think my hair will ever be like it was as the graves has knackered my immune system and when something isn't working properly your hair is the first thing to go as your body doesnt really need it so it uses the nutrients and energy it would usually use for hair growth to keep more important parts of your body going. I really feel for you it is so distressing for a woman losing your hair, I hope you manage to get it sorted. xx


Thank you. I have ordered an iron supplement - nothing to lose (well, except more hair :( )


You may well benefit from the iron but it may also help to take a B complex that contains B2 (to help with iron storage) and Biotin (B7, I think, to help with hair).

I hope your hair grows back soon! I'm not hyper but hypo and found that the above and getting onto T3 made a huge difference to my hair. Hopefully you see an improvement soon!

Carolyn x


Thank you (did you mean B12?).

I already take Biotin. I have also read that amino acids can help (?)

Thanks again


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