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I have recently started on the generic levo from Mercury Pharma after being on Eltroxin for 30 years and some of the tablets are crumbling

The last two boxes I have had, have had a couple of tablets in each box that have turned to dust as I have pushed them out of the bubble, this is not acceptable and I was wondering who to complain to, the pharmacist, the doctor or mercury pharma. Has any one else had this problem? They cant be of very good quality to do this and I have been having a lot of palpitations the last couple of weeks and I think its down to these, waste of time telling doc he would say I must reduce dose, ( I take 100mcg ) Where do I go from here ?

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Interesting - take a look

I think the only way to go is to go for another brand of levo to see if the palps calm down and if they do then do a yellow card.

Moggie x


sorry I may have got my card colour muddled up, I'm sure someone else will come up with the right one if I have - I'll try and find a link for you

Moggie x

Yep sorry its a yellow card.

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