Does anyone have any experience of stopping taking Citalopram?

I'm currently taking 20mg a day but have cut down to 10mg for the last week. Am starting to feel dizzy and have hot flushes.

Am also taking 10mg carb a day but wanted to stop the citalopram to try and get my symptoms under control without it. I'm not depressed just anxious with my hyper thyroid!

Does anyone have any experience of this?

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  • I had the same symptoms when I came off citalopram, came off it really slowly but looking back did it too slowly and I found the symptoms disappeared really quickly once I eventually stopped it, good luck with coming off it

  • Thank you. How long did you take to reduce. GP told me to do three weeks on 10mg then cut to 5mg for three weeks then stop...?

  • I was really worried about coming off it incase depression and anxiety came back so tookme five months but my advice would be to follow gps advice the withdrawl symptoms disappeared almost immediately when I eventually stopped

  • You need to be extremely cautious coming off this stuff, I would have cut the 20 down to 15 before reducing to 10!!! Take it slowly as the cold turkey is really bad if you rush it!!

  • My friend is a pharmacist I asked her for advice, she said take it slow, so I dropped one tablet, left it two weeks, then dropped another, left it two weeks, so I could gauge how I felt. I took vit B6 as well while I did it. I did feel I bit dizzy now and then, but I came off Citralpram with no problems at all, I feel great and I've been off it over a year. Differen strokes for different folks, but that worked for me.

  • Hi I was on citralopram 30mcg for two years when my mother said one day its about time you joined the real world. I thought maybe she could be right and I stopped them that day. I felt a bit strange for the first week dizzy trembly hot etc but then it went as quick as it came. That was three years ago and I am glad I came off them that way although the doctor wasn't so impressed, what works for one----

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