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My husband needs to be tested for shellfish intolerance and I would like to have some testing to shed some more light on what might be worsening my hashi. My gp no longer provides testing and just told us to look it up in the yellow pages!!??? I know there are many very knowledagable peeps on here and would love a good recommendation. Is blood better than hair? Can hair actually work? There is a place in Spain that tests for 600 food and none food potential allergens using hair for only £45. Too good to be true?? Many thanks in advance.

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  • Hi,

    I'd feel more confident going for this one. It's £166.

    or the food allergy FACT test through Thyroid UK - Test IMM01 (£232) - see this page from the main Thyroid UK website.

    Jane x

  • Hi Shellfish tests etc are best done at hospital. Is there any doctor ,who would refer you? Any doc will be OK,It is very important if you husband thinks he has this allergy, not to have any dyes at hospital, used for many scans, until he knows for sure. It can be very dangerous. I know none of the companies are recognised medically although I believe some are very good.Regarding the thyroid. The starting point is tSH, T4 and Free T3 with the antibodies too. You must be sure to use a company ( in both cases) that the GP etc will recognise. I use Blue Horizon, main site for all blood tests, they are used by the private hospitals ( called T.D. L,) so are well known and well tested, finger prick or venous blood. They may do the allergy testing but for safety it should really be a hospital and a specific test.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi jackie, thanks v much for your reply. Why would a hospital use dyes to test for food allergies? My husband has just started to experience very unpleasant symptoms- racing heart, anxiety, nausea (no diarrhoea) at about 2 or 3 am if he has eaten something he shouldn't at supper time. So it is not immediate, not like an anaphylactic reaction. Would a blood test show what he is allergic to or should he have a scratch test at hospital? With regards to me (thyroid) I have had all the relevant bloods done by my endo but am keen to discover what is food reaction flares my hashimotos soi can dampen the attack on my thyroid. Best, jane

  • HI Jane,Dyes are used in a lot of different scans. Shell fish allergy is contra indicated because of the ingredients of the dyes. Allergy tests in hospital, they use a tiny, tiny amount of the food etc that may cause the allergy to see if a skin reaction. They often test for several relevant things. That is why best in hospital as low risk but still a slight one. Also if truly allergic,especially in view of your post above, He will also needs a letter from hospital to produce when needed,a lot of docs do not listen to a patient!I had not read that it was the Endo. I would ask him/her to be more specific. Also , if they think allergic reaction could play a part, why are you not being referred to an allergy expert, consultant?If just a suspicion, then you can tell by food cut out nearly everything, then gradually introduce different foods. A dietician , hospital based I expect would help you with that, quite a normal thing .

    I hope that helps.

    Best wishes ( to both) Jackie

  • ..sorry cannot help with the fish allergy - but with yours it might help you to read the book by Izabella Wentz.... Hashimotos - The Root Cause . She also has a website with very useful Newsletters that you can sign up for. She advises on the foods that may cause inflammation in the gut and lead to Hashi's. Happy reading....

  • Wow, really useful, thanks.

  • hi janiebell

    i am going to a very good clinic in oxford on the 14th. my endo has referred me as elimination of gluten has improved my digestion a lot.the specialice in autoinmune disorders and it is the best in country. i can let u know when i go.

  • Hi there, please do let me know as I am in Gloucestershire. Is it private? What is it called? Thanks so much!, jane

  • helli jannie. it is is oxford . his name is dr econs in allergymedicaluk. they have a website they talk about everything treatment. they have four clinics. they do the tests and everything there. they are private but no more expensive than others. i dont know if they will be ablw to help me because i do noy have any antibodies anymore but i still have to have antidepressants for my back psin and tiredness and i seem to get a lot of cold and viruses u der the sun.i can let u know when i go who it went. you have the fees and all of info in the web.

  • Thanks so much. I really hope they help and you feel much better soon. X

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