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Just recovering my thyroid removed on the 27th of this month

They have put me on 75mg levothyroxine feel ok bit sore from op but, reading what some people put On here, I still have a little thyroid on the left had side, they have not said when I should go for check up or blood test, when would I know if the tablets are not right what should I do or am I being silly, like to start cycling in a few weeks would this be good for me as this is my hobby, also I think I could be losing weight as my scales are reading different now

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I had a weekly and then 6 weekly follow up with the surgeon- the weekly appointment involved the dressing being removed and blood tests for thyroid profile and calcium. Then the 6 weekly appointment was another blood test for thyroid profile. The gp also did a blood test at around 4 weeks. I would phone your surgeon and find out when the follow up is. I'm not sure about cycling, but after two weeks I was starting to get back into my exercise routine again. Hope that helps.


Thank you, will have to go back yo doctors as think I am starting to notice that my bowels are getting very loose for a few days then its ok but then go loose again, plus losing sleep some nights on the trot then ok then I losinh sleep again not sure if it's the tablets.


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