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Blood test on Monday

Dr Skinner suggested Levo, one week of 25mcg, followed by 50mcg for 3 weeks etc. My GP wasn't keen but eventually relented as long as I had a blood test after 4 weeks, so I am going on Monday. I'm a bit worried in case he wants to keep me on 50mcg so can anyone tell me what I should be looking for to prove that Dr Skinner's method is working? Also, I think I read on here it was best not to take your medication if you're having a blood test. I take mine at bedtime so would that be OK? Thanks a lot :-)

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Hi It is certainly better not to take the meds on the morning before the test but not sure at night, I would take them earlier the night before, so at least 12 hours but not tried it. T3 not a problem as very short life. Also if on Beta Blockers never take on the morning before test. other meds OK. Ask for TSH, T4 and Free T3, but unlikely you will get the FT3 although so important.Also try and get ., at least a vit D test done, hormonal and very important.There are other tests that Endo`s etc do to start with but you do not want to bombard the GP at the moment!!!Make sure you have a all the results with ranges, receptionist. Also ask the GP etc what bloods they are actually doing , when blood drawn. You can refuse any test that you do not feel will be beneficial, they do not like that!!!

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Hi, I also suggest keeping a diary of your symptoms (e.g. time you get up and go to bed, any naps you have, general tiredness/mood, other symptoms) to show your GP along with the test results. That way, if the method is working, you will have more specific evidence rather than just saying that you feel better. The GP will see that you're napping less, for instance, or that certain other symptoms might have improved. If you can calmly show the doc that the prescribed treatment is working for you, then it would be very odd behaviour indeed for him/her to refuse to continue with the treatment.

I also agree with the previous comment - it's vital to get your free T3 level tested too.

Good luck with the GP. If s/he is really not helpful, ask to see someone else. Some are more open-minded than others.


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Thanks very much for the advice. I will definitely ask for free T3 to be done. The nurse actually does the blood test and last time didn't know what she was supposed to be doing so I should be OK! To be fair, the GP I've been seeing is OK. He's fairly young and a bit more forward-thinking than some I've seen. My appointment is at 12 so I will try and take my tablet at 10pm tonight. As far as symptoms go-the jury is out. It's early days and other than some pretty bad mood swings and my temperature increasing slightly, I am more or less the same as before I started the Levo. I will be very interested in the results, and am keeping my fingers crossed that being gluten free for the best part of a year will have done some good :-)


Well yet again the good old NHS has let me down-just my luck to get the only nurse in the practice who knows (or at least thinks she knows!) about the Thyroid. She said they'd only test T3 if there was something wrong when the results came back. Apparently they do not have the resources to test T3!! I have hardly cost the NHS a penny and now I want something, it's denied me. Not happy!!

This is a bit off topic but I was googling T3 last night and apparently some body builders take it to lose weight. Are they mental??!!


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