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Different brands of Levothyroxine?

I am currently in France and have been for 3 months. I bought enough Levo with me (or so I thought) but I am now staying 2 weeks longer than anticipated and therefore would run out before returning to the UK. I went to the local chemist and lo and behold, was able to purchase Levothyroxine over the counter ( 30 x 50mcg for £1.30). My concern is that it is a different brand (the type I get from UK are from Almus and these French ones are from Biogaran) - do you think this will make much difference??

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Do let us know how you get on with it! Could be interesting in the future for anyone who ends up treading the same path for whatever reason.



Hi Loobs, I'm living in France also, Hypothroide since 2003 diag in UK [don't remember manufacturer of tabs there now, took 100mg daily from 2003-08, 1 blood test a year, never saw doc, only nurse for blood pressure/resps] meds never altered. Prescription renewed quarterly.

Once over here, in Herault Dept., after blood test (quarterly bloods since arrival) I was put on 125mg and later altered to 100mg-then 100mg for 2 days and 75mg for 3rd day and was on Biogaran brand when living there from Jan 2008 - now in Sarthe since Nov '13 same regime till Jan '14 then 100mg daily till June. Now on 87.5mg daily (75+ 1.2 25mg) both Merck Levo brand.

For the thyroid my blood is only tested for TSH 3 ieme (3rd) Generation. There are also now other health issues since 2013 and don't know if its a meds-related problem! Neither do the specialists! I feel well - just want to get to bottom of it all.

Sorry reply has been complicated - but not easy to separate one health issue from another at present. Welcome to France - happy new year.


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