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Levothyroxine brands?

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Hello everyone,

I’m currently taking 100mcg of levothyroxine. It says Northstar on the box and accord on the foil. My endocrinologist would like me to go up to 125mcg so I’m going to pick up my prescription soon. I thought I’d check about branding first because I presume I’ll now have to take two different brands?!

Thank you 🌟

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If they give you Northstar 25mcg, be aware that this is made by Teva.

Northstar 100mcg and 50mcg are made by Accord.

If you don't want the Northstar/Teva (many members don't get on with Teva) then ask for a different brand for the 25mcg or, if you are happy on Northstar and prefer not to mix brands, ask for 50mcg Northstar and cut the tablet in half.

Thanks SeasideSusie I’ve read a lot of negative things about Teva so I’ll stay clear, thank you! I don’t know if I’m happy on NorthStar; I haven’t felt well for quite some time but I don’t know if it relates to the brand. I’ve only just started getting full panels and my levels aren’t optimal so it could be that...as well as the brand! 🤪

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to underact15

OK, then if you do change brands it's worth knowing that Accord, Northstar and Almus are all the same tablet - all made by Accord - for the 100mcg and 50mcg. Almus is repackaged for Boots, Northstar is repackaged for Lloyds Pharmacy, although both of these repackaged brands do turn up at other pharmacies from time to time.

Here is helvella's document detailing all Levo brands


Wow, thank you! That’s useful to know. I’ll see if I can stick to Northstar (but not Northstar Teva!) for now and see if optimal levels help before tackling a brand change. Am I right in thinking that, in general, it’s ok to combine brands? So Northstar/Accord 100 + Wockhart 25 would be ok?

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to underact15

Sorry, didn't see this reply.Some people have no problem mixing brands, others are better sticking to the same brand. It's one of those things you only know when you've tried it.

No worries at all, thanks for replying. I would rather keep things as simple as possible and have the whole lot as Northstar Accord. I did ask if I could have Northstar Accord 50mcg (so I could cut them in half) but she said that’s up to my Dr as cutting isn’t always accurate?! Maybe I should just call my GP and ask him to prescribe all Northstar Accord....🤔

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to underact15

As Levo is a storage hormone it really doesn't matter if you take a fraction more one day and a fraction less the next day which could happen when cutting a tablet.Years ago my GP put my dose up from 150 to 175mcg. She said rather than have 3 tablets on the prescription she'd just give me more of the 50mcg ones and to cut them in half for the extra 25mcg.

SeasideSusie I might call my GP tomorrow then, thank you. I feel like that is probably the safest bet at the moment, at least while I’m trying to sort out my levels. If it’s a no go and I end up mixing brands, will it be fairly obvious quite quickly if it doesn’t agree with me? I fear that I might not be able to tell because I’m already feeling unwell?!

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to underact15

If it’s a no go and I end up mixing brands, will it be fairly obvious quite quickly if it doesn’t agree with me?

I've never mixed brands so I can't really answer that question, sorry. I imagine that if you are sensitive to any of the excipients in a different brand then you may notice a reaction fairly quickly

Thanks SeasideSusie you're a big help! I’ve made the decision to call my GP first thing tomorrow and request 50s to cut in half. I really really hope he agrees to it. Then I’ll have to hope that my usual pharmacy has them....and a pill cutter! I just feel like it’s best to keep things simple at the moment. One less thing to consider!

On another note - thank you again for helping me with my supplement timetable! I think I’m absorbing the iron a bit more efficiently now 🤞🏽

They gave me Northstar Teva 😩 so I said “no thank you”! She made a call to see if they could get anything else in but apparently they can’t so I have to go and find it at another pharmacy. Fingers crossed I actually can! She’s now changed my records to say “no Teva”. I might be fine with it but I’ve got so much else going on that I’d rather not risk it! 🤪

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