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Searching PubMed with gopubmed

Searching PubMed with gopubmed

This is for those of you who like to try to research things using PubMed.

Just yesterday I came across a way of searching PubMed which is somewhat more helpful than the standard search facility. If you are used to PubMed, I think you will find it easy to start using this.

Mind, it probably has dozens of things I haven't noticed yet!


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Does this mean we can expect a lot more blogs from you Rod...!? ;)




Yes good find - it's an interesting tool

It's not often that searching Pubmed that I have found to be the big problem - it's getting full access, as many are just brief abstracts and are often only very tantalising snippets of what you think you might need to know, getting the full or at least the conclusions of documents sometimes takes a bit more doing without having paid up subscriptions to lots of journals or full academic access :-(

Of course the other problem is getting action on what you research - you can prove the earth is round, but as we all know, Doctors frequently still cling to the belief that it is flat! ;-)


Thanks Rod, will give it a go.

Jenni x


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