Daughter's test results help please

I originally posted questions under 'can someone help me with my daughters symptoms. I am now updated after some very useful replies and need some more help please.

The test results are now in for my daughter but she cannot get an appointment to have a phone conversation with the doctor until Friday. She has asked for a copy of her test results today, but has been told she cannot have them until the doctor has spoken to her.

Can the doctor refuse to let her have her results until she has discussed them with her on Friday please does anyone know? The doctor wants to discuss her hormone levels and bone profile. What could this mean please, as she is worried and it seems a long time until Friday?

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  • I had this with my GP - the receptionist wouldn't give me the results until the GP had seen them and as I was standing at the receptionist's desk at the time she waited until the GP had finished with the patient she was seeing, ran in with my results, got the o.k. and then gave them to me. Maybe your daughter needs to take a trip down to the surgery and ask for the results in person.

    Low Estrogen can cause bone lose, but that is only a guess as to what her hormone levels are, I know Friday is a long way away but maybe you need to just stay calm and wait until them. Are you going with your daughter?

    Moggie x

  • Hi Moggie

    Thank you. I will try and keep her from worrying. It is just a phone call she is getting on Friday - there are no appointments available with her Doctor at the moment this week. However, sometimes, if you look very early in the morning (ie 6.30am ish) they have sneaked the odd one into the online appointments system, so I will have a look in the morning.

    The doctor wants to speak to my daughter on the phone, but the receptionist said it was nothing to worry about. Originally they agreed to let her have a print out when she rang them, but when I got there they said she couldn't have them until Friday when the doctor has spoken to her.

    I'm wondering if it is because I always get mine and then have them in front of me when I see the same doctor and then discuss the results with her. I expect she thinks, "if we don't let her daughter have them until I have spoken to her, she can't look the results up on the internet before I speak to her".

    In the meantime, she is on Gabapentin (a drug for epilepsy apparently - works on the nerve endings) and co codamol for the pain as the anti-inflammatories didn't work.

    Best wishes


  • This is just a guess, but maybe they just feel that it would be kinder to her for the doctor to discuss her results, rather than her panicking when she sees that something isn't right. Obviously you both know that something isn't right, and you are clued up patients.

  • Thank you rosetrees. You could well be right. We will see on Friday and I will post the results.

    Best wishes


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