Anyone feeling under par on mercury pharma's generic Levo??

I've had a dose increase recently and I feel worse than before. Just shattered and a bit depressed. Have had a lot on though - best friend diagnosed with breast cancer, beloved dog developed epilepsy and my Father has a new girlfriend. My mum died a year and a half ago. Writing all that dwn has just made it obvious to me why I'm not feeling my best! But do feel phisically crap.

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Have a look here:

You will have to scroll down to where levothyroxine starts to be discussed.


Thanks. Have filled in yellow card but strangely there is no provision on the website for an end date of medicine later than 2013???!!!! Oh well, I included the batch no so hopefully it will be ok.

I think that is the end date of taking it - which I guess you really cannot put into the future! It is not batch expiry date. Obviously it can't mean much if you are continuing to take the medicine despite reporting side effects, etc.

I have not tried leaving it blank - which might have made sense.


Ah ha! Now I understand. Very slow today, I even struggled to remember my phone number on the form!!!!! Thanks

Yes! I've felt awful since I my pharmacist put me on this saying he couldn't get eltroxin for me but this is the same, this was 4 months ago. Had a dose increase 5 weeks ago but feeling no improvement, actually feel more tired, achy and miserable than before! Fed up of them messing with meds, was doing fine on eltroxin. Glad it's not just me though, whenever I say anything to pharmacist he doesn't believe it can possibly be the meds

This is worrying isn't it? They are insistent that the actual medication is the same just a different box. I'm getting my bloods done this week so ill see what my levels are like.

Very worrying, I checked the leaflet to make sure the ingredients were the same and they are. I'm going to ring my pharmacist this morning and have a discussion with him about it, will let you know if he tells me anything useful!

I've had exactly the same problem since my Eltroxin was subsitiuted for the generic equivalent five months ago. I queried this prescription with my surgery at the time, as I'd had problems a few years ago when a substitution was made. Then, my doctor put me back on Eltroxin and I was OK. This time I was told that Eltroxin was no longer being manufactured as Goldshield had been taken over by Mercury Pharma and this was EXACTLY the same medication. I actually feel worse now than when I was first diagnosed 15 years ago! I am going back to see my doctor but I don't know if I will get anywhere.

How are you all doing with Mercury Pharma levothyroxine? I was stable on Eltroxin, but am really struggling with the generic, and am now iller than I've ever been.

I have just slightly decreased my dose as my Tsh was supressed at 0.01. My t4 and t3 were all good. Unfortunately, we don't really have an alternative to the genetic at the moment although Mercury did say they were reintroducing Eltroxin. Maybe they have, I haven't checked as I am stable on the genetic. Perhaps you need to have your levels checked? Are your vit d, b12 and ferritin optimal? Good luck and hope you feel better soon. X

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