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Tingling in lip

Last night, after stroking the cat, I thought I had a cat hair on my lip as I had a tickling on the right-hand side of my lip but I couldn't find a hair.

This morning my lip is tingling and the sensation is moving down to my chin. It feels a bit like the feeling you get when you have had an injection at the dentist and the feeling has almost come back.

Has anyone else had this and is it a symptom of hypothyroidism?

The other thing I have is a hyper-sensitive sense of smell but only for unpleasant smells. I keep putting bleach down the sink because the smell is so bad but no-one else can smell it. :)

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Hi after my surgery for TT my surgeon told be to look out for tingling of lip, finger tips as this is a sign of low calcium you need to take a calcium tablet or drink a pint of milk.You will need to get your calcium levels checked.If you have had surgery your parathyroid could have been damaged hence low calcium.Hope this helps.

Ps remember don t take thyroxine within 2hours of milk or calcium



this is very interesting, thanks Piedo x


Thanks for the reply. I would be surprised if my calcium levels were low as I am vegetarian and eat a lot of cheese and yogurt.

I only have mild hypothyroidism but I am having difficulty getting the dose right. I am beginning to think that I may have an adrenal problem even though a year ago I did a saliva test and everything was fine.


Interesting,never knew that.


I'm not sure that this is the same feeling, but I used to have a cat that slept on my face (yes, I know, but she waited until I was asleep and then found her favourite position...). This went on for years until I started to have strange sensations on my cheeks, like a thousand tiny insects were crawling across my skin. I used to scratch like mad! Was always washing my face, applying various creams, and even went to a dermatologist. Nothing helped.

Then, she died, and with time the sensation went away. Years later, I mentioned this on a thyroid support board (can't remember why) and someone suggested that it might have been invisible cat mites that had transferred to my skin. (Makes you shudder, doesn't it! lol)

I don't know if it was that, and I'll never know now, but I just mention it because you mentioned playing with your cat.

Hugs, Grey


How strange, for some months, when applying lipstick, it feels as is there is a hair in the lipstick. I was surprised when I recently applied a new lipstick to have the same feeling.



When I get that I always end up with a cold sore!!!


It does sound like it might be an allergic reaction to something. You could try a cortizone cream.

Have you had your vitamin D levels checked? If not, you probably should. It may affect calcium levels.



I have had exactly the same thing for the past couple of nights and today I have a sore throat, headache and full of aches and pains, my husband is the same and he also has swelling on his inner checks, we are thinking it is a virus, he actually went to the Doctors and she said she did not know what it was. I will also mention I frequently get a numb feeling on the corner of the top of the lip and put this down to hypo or low Vit B12

Regards browny


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