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can anyone tell me how I get to see a specialist. I have been on125 levothyroxine for over a year.instead of feeling better I feel awful .when I go to my doctor she just says my readings are fine.i don't no what they are because she has never told me.and I don't need another blood test for about a year,

can anyone give me any advice on what I should do, many thanks

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You have taken the first step to a new career as a pro-active patient by asking questions, congratulations.

First, you are entitled to copies of your results - this link confirms:


Next, please post test results with the ranges (vital, as labs differ) and the well-informed people here will help.

Never accept any doctor saying results are "fine", "normal", we all have to check them ourselves as too many doctors know little about the thyroid, and regrettably, some do not seem to care.

thank-you so much for your help I shall phone her tomorrow

let you no how I get on thanks

Angel, your TSH looks high, most people feel best when it is 1.0 or under. GP should have carried out FT4 and FT3 tests, antibody tests useful also, to assess whether your problem might be conversion or perhaps just plain under medication. TSH is a pituitary hormone and has little relation to what thyroid hormone is getting to the cells: faulty conversion; conversion to rT3, under-medication, anything could be your problem.

Go to main site for info, plus list private drs., info on private complete thyroid testing. Also info drug/chemical/food antagonists to T4 absorption/utilisation; boosting absorption; books to read; all there for you, might help greatly.

Please, to help yourself, get copies of blood tests, start own file, post results here with ranges and also the main site via my link above has loads of vital information you need.

Dr Anthony Toft's "Understanding thyroid disorders", £5 Amazon, gives good TSH/FT4 info, Page 88, buy book so can show GP this info from past president of the British Thyroid Association with whom she cannot argue. If she does, change doctor.

Heloise is so right: we have to educate ourselves, protect ourselves.

hiya thanks for all that info,just one more question

ive got the blood request form, do you think I should fill it in myself and if so what do I tick and what blood tests do I ask for

many thanks for your help

Glad you have got co-operation! If you can fill it in yourself, and I am not sure if you can, tick:




thyroid peroxidase antibodies, or thyroglobulin antibodies.

Unfortunately some labs will not test T3 if TSH in range, but you might get lucky.

Other useful tests connected with thyroid function are these:

Vitamin D




Full Blood Count (FBC)

The folate and ferritin/iron tests are useful for hypos who often develop low-power hydrochloric acid so their digestion is not up to getting all the B12 from food body needs. If the B12 is low in the range GP should pursue further tests to find out why this is so. NHS B12 ranges go far too low and still the exhausted patient is deemed "normal", but low B12 might be contributing to your feeling awful. That can be fixed.

Please let us know what the results are, do exercise your right to ask for a print-out, then others more expert than I am can help you interpret the results. Remember please to give the ranges as well as results as labs ranges differ.

Would you drop me a PM when you blog the results? Not 100% at moment so computer time curtailed but do not want to miss your results.

hi,went to my doctor I got my test results here is whats on the piece of paper

serum tsh level-(ss431)-normal-no action 2.78 mu/l 0.40-4.50mu/l

she gave me a blood request form on it she wrote b n p but no request for thyroid tests I hope you can understand this and see if I need different blood tests

thankyou for your help


If you mention the subject of your question in the title it would help people know whether they can answer it.

the subject was how do I get to see a specialist and blood test results from my doctor



Angel, it seems that thyroid patients are not receiving optimal treatment in the UK and whether it is related to the cost of treatment or the lack of knowledge of any treatment other than what you are getting. This means you have to gain knowledge for yourself and possibly figure on a treatment for yourself. There are so many posts that I'm certain it is very prevalent. Keep asking and seeking advice if you remain with symptoms.

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