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I have Graves & I am going to have the above later this year. Anyway I was on block & replace & I thought I was intolerant to Levo as I put on loads of weight & my hair fell out. Endo would not listen & said no-one is intolerant etc. Anyway I am obviously concerned as I will have to take it afterwards. I have spoken to my pharmasist's who believes that my NHS trust does not supply any alternatives. Can you tell me how I obtain Amour etc I am not sure of the names etc, cna you provide me with a list please.

I go to Turkey twice a year & I know they have a comprehensive range of medications that we have to get on script in the UK, but I just don't know what to get etc.

Any help would be really appretiated.


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Hi I cannot take T4 and have armour on a private script, I actually now have T3 too, on a GP script. My private Endo give me the armour ( or Erfa) script However, prices vary hugely , i use Springfield by post in London. I expect you can buy it in Turkey but make sure it is the genuine one, made by Forest, USA, only co. who make Armour. I know some people buy it on a site on the WEB. however, I think that is very dangerous but if that is what you decide then, please be sure to have plenty of TSH, T4 and Free T3 tests, on line if no doctor will help. I repeat, i personally think it is very dangerous to do that.

It is frustrating , I know, it took me years to get the correct treatment, or in fact any.

Best wishes,


Not sure if you know to reply to a post, click on "reply to this" under that post.


I would have thought the first port of call would be to ask if your "replace" is adequate?

It is perfectly possible that your "block" is working, but the "replace" is not sufficient. Therefore, you would be suffering all the usual hypothyroid symptoms.

Without being more aware of exactly where you are, simply grabbing some products from a list is possibly the worst thing you could do. Have you got your blood test results (including reference ranges)? It would be good to get them.



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