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Im at a loss

As some people were aware i saw a private endo and was given T3 in now due to see him at the end of may and had my bloods done yesterday .The FT3 AND TSH WILL be in by Friday.I am at present though having a weird time over the last 2 weeks..My hair is so dry and losing it lots and my usually long nails are in bits..all falling out and peeling..and in the last week the shins are sore..i reckon the meds will need tweaking?..i currently take 20mcg of liothynine and 25mcg of levo...whats the most in dosepeople are on here?...i just feel fed up as the T3 has deffo helped especially with brain fog

(which was becoming a problem re work i can tell you)i also have started exercising more too well running to be exact 5k and wonder if this may affect how much is in my sysytem..i feel better for the exercise and now am in great shape comapred to 2011 when i was 153lb and now i weigh 129lb...just need to know if its like when levo was going up and it will eventually settle as the levo was not right for me and my T3 was low...any answers i welocome thanks xx

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Before the TSH became the only way to diagnose thyroid gland problems, patients had doses of thyroid medication between 200mcg and 400mcg. Nowadays they keep us towards the lower end.

The perfect dose for someone is one that makes them feel well with symptoms alleviated. Increases should be gradual.

I personally think, if not doing well on levo, that we should be able to try alternatives as what suits one person doesn't suit another. I didn't do well on levo and only began to get better as I gradually stopped it and went onto T3 alone. Now I am on T3 and NDT.


WHAT is ndt?



Cant help with your levo / T3 questions, but I solved my nail problems and I know what it is like when your hair falls out. I have Graves and have gone from hyper to hypo and I'm still a bit hypo, my hair falls out when I wash it now, it clings onto my fingers and I have to rinse my hands then flick the hair into the bath where it lies like a bird's nest.

My nails were a big problem, they were really brittle and flakey they got so short and I had hacks right into the skin - they were absolute agony.

I was looking for cotton gloves to wear in bed with intensive conditioner to try and help when one of the assistants in JL recommended I try OPI Nail Envy and to rub almond oil into my cuticles The Nail Envy was expensive but I have tried similar products in the past and N E is by far the best that I have ever used. I didn't manage to find almond oil but I used both argan oil and bio oil (whichever was nearest to hand) and now although they're still short my nails look ok and best of all, they no longer hurt.

Liz x


yes i tried nail envy but usually they are very strong nails and shiny thick hair..

When its within though no amount of products can solve it..thats why i know its linked to the meds or even if there is something else i wanna be right its been 2 long years already x


I've been on higher than recommended doses of vits and minerals for 4 mths now and my nails, skin & hair are improving in condition. I also use linseed oil like olive oil but not heated, only added to food at the end of cooking and as a salad dressing. Not sure which is the contributing factor, but maybe worth a go?



Thanks Mary,

whats higher than recommended i take zinc 15mg and vit 2 800mg seleniium x2 and also sea kelp? x


Add 200 or 300 mgs. of absorbable magnesium (not oxide) and I think your nails will improve a lot.


I'm probably on the lowest dose that anybody takes and it is still higher than yours. I am on Armour which is a natural thyroid extract which contains about 80% T4 and 20% T3. You are also taking T4 and T3 but both are almost minimal. If you just started on your thyroid meds and he decided to check you within six weeks (which he should) you should definitely have a raise of your dosages. I hope he is going to check your FT3 and FT4 so he can tell exactly where you stand on your T3 and T4 medications.

Don't ever take your thyroid meds before a blood test on that day. Take them right after.


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