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Advice and experience required please

Hello, after many years of being ill and enduring countless disheartening visits to GP's and Consultants I eventually managed to stumble across Dr S ( I can't really remember how I made this happen due to being really unwell), thanks to having private medical insurance I was able to have an appointment with this lovely doctor and I am hopefully on the road to recovery.

My question is this, how does my equally unwell cousin get help ? he has no private insurance, has been left with no confidence after countless unsupportive and often downright rude doctors visits. Can you please share your own experiences of how you managed to fight the system and get the help you needed please, my Cousin needs to see that what he is going through is a common experience of many but can be overcome.

PS experience of convincing GP's to continue Doctor S's work would also be appreciated.

Cheers for reading this.

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The first thing your cousin should do is get a new thyroid gland blood test if he hasn't had a recent one - and post the results complete with the ranges on a new question. He should also have a vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. The first two are often deficient in hypo.

You don't say whether or not your cousin has yet been diagnosed, if so, what dose of levo?

We can also register for Dr S's World Thyroid Register:-


I have registered, my cousin has been told he has M.E and 'to get on with it'. He is now too ill to do the job he loved. I am hoping I can show him this site and reassure him that he isn't the only out there suffering and who has encountered unsympathetic doctors. He has never seen an endo or had any recent thyroid tests in at least the last five years. It really is a terrible shame.


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