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Ibs Fatigue

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Hi Does anyone else find that their IBS exhausts them? I feel so tired these days. I was properly diagnosed at the start of this year but I’d had symptoms dot ages before that, was just too embarrassed to go to the doctor.

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Yes it definitely does exhaust you u feel like ur out of energy every day

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Thank you. It's nice to feel you're not alone

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Some days when I am having a bad flare up I am on the loo all day just feel drained as everything I eat just runs back out of me. I just seem to be in pain and don't have any energy ibs is just the worse thing ever. Hope you start feeling better soon

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Thank you

Being on the loo all day is awful. I know how you feel. I would recommend that you stop having all dairy for a couple if weeks. If no improvement then cut out all bread or roll products containing yeast or fermented foods.Don't eat any fruit or nuts for 2 weeks and stick to the Fodmap veg. See how that goes. Dont drink fizzy drinks or alcohol. I can only eat well cooked carrots and spinach once a week. Spinach is one of thise veg that some people can tolerate but others cant) I take it your doctor has already told you to stick to the Fodmap diet.

I can't eat anything greasy or fatty like chips, lamb or pork. Fish is good though so is chicken. Big you need Fodmap info or advice let me know.

All the best.

Yes I am sticking to the fodmap diet foods what the GP gave me which seem to be helping with the diarrhoea but now I am constapated and bloated and have the odd days when I get diarrhoea I was never constapated before starting the fodmap diet and I am suffering with bad acid reflux and heartburn now. Don't know if that is anything to do with the change of diet or not. I am waiting to see a gastroenterologist but I got a letter back last week saying it could be quiet awhile before I get an appointment to see them. I have cut out all fizzy drinks aswell and only have the alcohol on special occasion so that is very rare

Hi CarlettejaqueI’ve cut out meat and dairy. GP has referred me to dietician. Will try again again with lowfodmap. Thanks 🙏

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Have u had any bloods taken recently to make sure everything is ok if not might be worth getting a full mot done to rule out anything else which could be making u exhausted

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Tumblemum in reply to 3443Ness

Yes, GP has done that. Thank you.

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Hope everything comes back ok keep us posted

I have found that, sometimes, just going to the loo makes me feel exhausted, and other times I feel fine. It is true, what they say, this illness is completely random.

Yes and sometimes I’m just so tired that I just can5 think straight . But it’s worth getting bloods checked as I ended up with low blood salts and they said that can make you tired as well . So as I suffer from ibs c I was told drink plenty then told I was drinking to much . So don’t no what to do now . But cut my fluid down . Still tirecal, the time .

I also drink plenty of water due to constipation and thinking maybe I overdoing it, Did your gp told you you were drinking too much? I drink between 3.5 to 4 l a day, and not much difference in terms of bowel movement. I'm wondering if I am stressing out my kidneys!

I was the same ended up in hospital with low blood salts .dr sent me . In hospital heart was having missed beats and irregular but nothing to worry about . Blood pressure was high but again not enough to wotrry about but . The doctor said my blood salts where so low I had to be admitted . So for 8 days in hospital only on drip for a few hours . Then had to cut my fluid in take from 3 maybe 4 litres down to 2 . I have cut down . But 8 days they changed all my meds to laxido and senna . Senna fidnt agree with me so they gave me lactalose which was worse . So just taking laxido at the minute . But pain is bad and waiting to get referred for ultra sound and gastro .so if water is not helping constipation I would cut it down slowly . . Fed up trying to get pain free .

Sorry to hear you end up in hospital! I think you are right and I'm going to start cutting down water otherwise I might end up in hospital myself. Senna is good for me for a short period, I don't like abusing stimulants laxatives anyway. I'm quite sensitive to laxido, so have to be careful with the amount I I use.. I always been ok in terms of pain but lately starting having cramps and sort of pain for no reason, but nothing bad. Hope you get your referal and appointment soon, are you taking any medications to ease the pain?

Thanks, everyone! It's been good to hear your replies. Thanks for all your support

Has your GP checked your B12 levels? B12 deficiency can cause crushing fatigue.

No. Thanks Karen, will ask about that

Yes fatigue when I get a flare up I just what to lie down just no energy

Chronic fatigue is a feature in many illnesses, and can be something on its own too. However I think the stress of an IB can trigger the fatigue, I suffer my self after a severe bowel action - I just want to lie down and rest for several hours.No answer I am afraid.

Its a really common problem and fatigue can then cause stress and it becomes a vicious circle. Have you tried taking things like probiotics to try and lessen the flare ups ?

Yes thanks I have a good vegan probiotic drink from Biomel

oh , yes ...everything about it is physically depleting ,and I find it is hard for other people to understand . They say "oh you just need to go out and go for a walk" ...GRRR

I get fatigue really bad sometimes i fall asleep on the toilet it gets that bad. Usually to help with the fatigue i rest as much as i can and if i can stay in bed for a few days and relax to let my body sort itself out. This usually happens to me during a flare up.

Going to the loo a lot, not sleeping very well and things like low vit d, b12, folate, ferritin can make you tired

Thank you _really useful info. I’m already doing some of it.

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