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Join as a member and get a months supply FREE of VSL#3

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Sign up to The IBS Network Charity's online membership & you'll receive a code for a FREE month's supply of #VSL3 in your welcome pack! Join here Join here VSL3 #IBS Ferring Pharmaceuticals VSL#3

Member benefits include:

•our Helpline, staffed by nurses trained in the symptoms of IBS

•our ‘Ask the Experts’ facility, personal one to one contact through our website with our healthcare professionals (including gastroenterologists and dietitians)

•our Self Care Programme and Symptom Tracker which will help you to manage your condition. Similar to a diary, the Symptom Tracker allows you to keep a record of your symptoms which can help you to see if there is a pattern over time and can help you to understand your condition better

•our recipes updated monthly, specifically designed to be suitable for the sensitive gut

•our magazine filled with new research, recipes and articles written by our medical professionals

•a ‘Can’t Wait’ card and travel version translated into 12 languages (£5 value)

•a range of detailed factsheets, such as ‘Medications’, ‘Stress and Trauma’, ‘Diarrhoea’ and ‘Constipation’

•our growing number of support groups (dependent on area).

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I signed up to the IBS network a few years ago but I'm no longer a member. I used their online Ask the expert hoping to get some help but they completely ignored me and didn't even have the decency to reply to my query.

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IBSNetworkPartner in reply to AmandaJW

Hello I'm sorry to hear that, I cant understand why you didn't have a response, all our questions are answered by our experts within 2-5 days.

I joined yesterday. Wish I heard about this charity when I was diagnosed 8 years ago.

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