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Constant fear


Do any of you constantly fear the worst? Every day I study my stools to see if there’s blood or look in bowl and then I can’t tell wether the water is coloured cause of the poo or if it’s blood. I’m scared of something drastic being wrong but want it sorted yet won’t go and get it done as fear the worse outcome. I don’t really get the stomach rumbling as much any more just the need to feel like I have to go to the toilet and that dreaded diarreah feeling. The worry is my first thought and last thought every day. Anyone else suffer this way?

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I am exactly the same Kate and have had myself dead and buried many times.The only way to stop this is to go to your doctor and get tested.I know this is scary but it is the only way to set your mind at rest and you will feel so much better to be told there is nothing sinister going on.

Hi Kate, yes yes and yes! Every passing moment of the day I find my self thinking about it! I always feel like I'm going to have diarreah, some days it comes true others not! Today is a true day and I'm currently sat here analysing everything I've eaten over the past day or so! Constant need to go and indeed horrible stuff comes out, why doesn't it end?? Surely I've been so much now it should all be gone!! Is your dreaded diarreah feeling a physical feeling? As in tummy / back end! Or more just a fear of it happening? Xx

Yes, been there twice. The first time was cancer, though not cancer where I thought it was. Cured of that, though by the time I had been for the tests I had talked myself into believing I had only six weeks to live! Silly sod, still here cancer free after over seven years.

The second time was bowel problems. Talked myself into only weeks to live with that too. Went for a colonoscopy, which wasn't all that bad, turned out I had the healthiest bowel she had ever seen.

Moral of the story, is get yourself off to your GP. It is amazing how being told one is clear of anything untoward makes one feel. Even when I was told I had uterine cancer it didn't seem so bad, probably because my consultant was so positive about the outcome.

My GP is still convinced I have cancer, I think she has an obsession with the word. How many tests does one have to have to convince her? I know my blood tests keep flagging something up, but as she said herself, the whatever it is could be just me.

Well I’ve had IBS many years now in every form,but last year I got a slightly different attack!! Pain under left rib arrrggghhhh must be something. Dr sent me for test I panicked health anxiety took over ...I work at the hospital I had a CT abdominal scan with contrast 3 consultants checked it all perfect, but here’s the thing I can not resolve the panic 🙈😳’s really got a grip of my mind driving me crazy but glad to know I’m not alone ... thank you

I sympathize, Kate... I never used to have sudden bouts of nausea and mild aching (can't really describe) ...but lately I have... Maybe its a bug... Just don't know... Just wanted to say I understand.

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