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IBS after major surgery


Hi All,

Just over three years ago I was diagnosed with a very rare blood cancer (Myeloproliferative Neoplasm) This means I produce millions more blood cells than I should do. As a result of the increase in Platelets I got a couple of blood clots, one that had caused liver damage, but an even bigger issue with a clot that meant I had bowel ischemia. I had to have part of my small intestine removed as a result. I've now fully recovered, however, every few months I get really bad indigestion and I take Lanzoprazole daily. Unfortunately when an attack of IBS occurs it's a nightmare during the evening.

Has anyone got any good tips as it drives me nuts when it happens?

Best regards


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I had a completely obstructed small intestine & also had to have some removed. I, however had preexisting IBS. The usual advice is the FODMAP diet (available on the internet). It must be strictly followed to provide a benefit. Also peppermint capsules (IB Guard in the US) and probiotics. Given your other health issues, you should probably check with your doctors first.

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