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IBS after returning from holiday


So after returning from a holiday to Ghana last year I had a dodgy stomach with diahhrea and a loud stomach for nearly 3 weeks. Initially they tested me for parasite infection which was clear...then after a few months they tested me for H.pylori which was positive. Triple therapy resulted in the return of diahrrea and rumbling/vibrating stomach continued.

Blood test was normal....stool test was normal...And eventually had a Virtual colonoscopy which was normal. Doc diagnosed everything as IBS.

Annoyed that a beautiful holiday resulted in all this as I rarely had stomach issues before but this is what it is. Symptoms are a rumbling/loud stomach and occasionally a vibration type feeling on my left side with intermittent loose stools/diahhrea.

Any tips on what I can do would be much appreciated...

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As we are all different, you should keep a food diary and also symptoms diary, so you can see what upsets you. For excess wind, remove all carbonated soft drinks and reduce alcohol intake. Also eat smaller mouthfuls and chew well before swallowing

Ammanuel in reply to FRreedman

Thank you.

What can I specifically for the vibrating/noisy stomach?

In regards to the loose stool/diahrrea I haven't found a trigger yet. I can be fine for a while then it suddenly just comes. Not sure what is causing it though.

If your stool tests were done on NHS, not all parasites show up. They don't do a comprehensive stool test which has to be done privately. I had mine with Geneva Diagnostics but I had to be referred.

Ammanuel in reply to auntyjean

I did also have a private stool test for parasites which I paid for and was also clear. Not sure if it was comprehensive and to be honest I'm definitely sure ghana messed up my stomach so wouldn't be shocked if I still had something inside me.

My brother was also in a bad way after returning but his issues lasted a couple if weeks and went.

Hmmm maybe I might try a parasite colonic.

auntyjean in reply to Ammanuel

After trying Chinese herbs and massive probiotics I had to resort to a course of metronidazole last week and now back on vsl#3 450 billion parts probiotics. I have large infestations of 2 parasites which are too small to see and difficult to eradicate.

Ammanuel in reply to auntyjean

Did your issues start during or after holiday?

Metronidazole is for bacterial infections no?

auntyjean in reply to Ammanuel

It's a very specific antibiotic and one thing it's given for is parasites. I went to both Africa and India years ago but had no issues at the time. Parasites can be there for years without causing trouble. It's when they increase for some reason the issues appear. My stool test showed all my good bacteria had gone as well.

Ammanuel in reply to auntyjean

Ok so I think I did the same test as you and was diagnosed with dysbiosis.

Bacteroides was very low

Bifidobacteria was very low

Lactobacillae was low

E. coli was high (bad bacteria)

Clostridium was high (bad bacteria)

So my bacteria was totally out of sync. They recommended some pro biotics to take that were specific to my issues and I took them for a while but when they ran out I didn't 're up. I was also told my stool was wayyyy too acidic. Maybe i should start up on them again?

auntyjean in reply to Ammanuel

I would think so. I took probiotics for few months. Felt better and now worse so may stay on these permanently.

Ammanuel in reply to auntyjean

Thanks for the advice. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac so glad they've done the necessary tests to eliminate the possibility of it being something more serious but it's still frustrating.

I think I will go with a colonic cleanse (apparently there's one specifically for parasites) and just start over with the pro biotics and stuff from scratch.

Hmm sounds like candida to me ...

I got mine through same thing as u, the triple therapy ruined my stomach BIG TIME... it was worse then before i took it.

I ended up seeing a gastro and nutrionalist who explained the antibiotics had basically killed of all my good gut bacteria and left me with a stripped stomach.

So i needed to rebuild the good gut bacteria whilst trying to kill of the bad bacteria.

It was a 6 weeks diet i did and it did go( u actually see it die of in ur 💩😱) whilst also taking strong probiotics

And good things for belly.

Worked wanders truth be told... never felt better .. even stuck to diet and supplements as i seem to feel better and my stomach seems better then it has in along time

Ammanuel in reply to Lulububs

Glad it's worked well for you. What was the diet?

Oh and I tested negative for Candida.

Lulububs in reply to Ammanuel

Oh i wouldnt bother doin it then as it is hard.

1. No sugar at all.

2. No yeast.

3. No gluten.

4. Low dairy.

5, no mushrooms.

6. No alcohol.

Then it was take

1. Probiotics twice a day

2.peppermint cap

3. Digestive enzymes

4. Dida tablets( kill candida)

Do that for 6 -8 weeks...

First two weeks suffered as i love sugar and i had major sugar come downs. Then i kinda just had a turning point and felt great.

Lost 2 stone. Hair nails look great.

Kept of the yeast and gluten, nearly 2 years down line dont miss it at all

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