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Small balls in stools

I have noticed now a few times i have had small balls that are solid in my stools.

I mentioned this to my gp who said i may of passed gall stones in my stools and if i wasnt in any pain to not worry.

I have since that these again today and again no pain or change in bowel movements which vairies anyway with my IBS. I have since visiting Benidorm had a bubbling sensation in my bowel which is like a baby kicking. My GP had a good feel of my stomach and lower abdol and was happy.

Im just wondering if anybody on here can shine light on why i have these solid balls in my stools? Its only one ball per stool movement.

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I don’t get the solid balls in the stool so not sure what that is. I do get the bubbling sensation in my bowel like a baby kicking and feeling like I need to break gas or go toilet which mine mainly happens during the night after eating well that’s when I seem to notice it the most.


Mine seems to of died down but i just need the loo loads today its horrible :(


I have this too. I have thought it was stool being compacted by bowel spasms then passed along with softer stool.


Glad i am not alone. I orginally thought it was due to eating a lot of nuts so i stopped and it still happened. If only we could have gut transplants id love to be cured

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