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Link between inflammation and depression

Many people with bowel problems suffer from depression and anti-depressants are prescribed for IBS but recent research suggests that perhaps doctors should try harder to identify and treat undiagnosed inflammation in the bowel and elsewhere rather than focusing on treating the depression that the inflammation may be causing ...BBC Radio 4's "All in the mind" programme this afternoon (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09cz4d1 ) "...new evidence on the link between inflammation in the body and depression. It's the first study ever published showing that inflammation can lead to alterations in how specific new brain cells are formed - a process that leads to depression in a third of patients. As Patricia Zunszain of Kings College London explains, drugs targeting these mechanisms could be the effective antidepressants of the future - drugs which don't tackle mood, but which encourage the creation of new brain cells."

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Hello, I am a female bronchiectasis sufferer of 73 years. I have had it for 14 years without knowing it. It was by sheer chance that my old doctor retired and a new doctor recognised the cough I had to be worth investigating. As a result of a sample of my sputum, followed by blood tests and a scan I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis. At the time I didn't realize that this lung disease causes all sorts of side affects, such as depression. Now I understand it a lot better and realize that the pains in my joints together with bouts of depression is a way the body is trying to fight inflammation. It isn't just inflammation of the lungs but the immune system is trying to fight the inflammation which is right through the body

. Your post just shows that there is still a lot to be understood with regard to depression. I shall take it up with my consultant or doctor when I see him next. Thanks for drawing attention to this. Chrys


Thank you so much for this article and your description, I will email the article to myself so I can read when I have a little time later.

Very interesting and thank you for sharing.

Alicia :)


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