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Diet restrictions

I have slow transit constipation and had 1/3 of my bowel removed 2 1/2 years ago. I now have laxido once a day and am on a gluten, dairy and soya free diet. I have started having salad for lunch this week and am now very bloated, in pain and have only passed watery stools. Does anyone else have problems eating salad? I can't eat apples or pears as I am doubled over in pain within 30 minutes of eating them. Feel like my diet is getting more restrictive. Got an appointment with my Gastro in 2 weeks so am going to ask to see a dietitian. Feel like I can hardly eat anything 😱. I also have a severely under active thyroid which I take 200mg of lethrothyroxine. Does anyone else have both of these conditions?

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Hi there when you see the specialist ask him to do a test for Dysbiosis. It is when your food especially fruit Veges and salad ferment in the gut. Wishing you well.


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