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Anxiety and possible Ibs

My boss got me real anxious today and my stomachs so bloated and I'm sob off and on . I feel like this huge gas bubble is in my chest , what could I take for this ? I took protonix this morning but it's not helping and I'm scared because I keep thinking I'm gonna stop breathing . Ugh. It's like I look nine month pregnant and feel a huge gas bubble in my chest and it comes out little by little only . I'm already anxious

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Hi there Jmerrick, your post has just hit a nerve with me as I left my job at the end of May this year as I had had enough of the person I was working for. He would frequently berate me and had been doing over many years so in the end I left. Yes I am lucky that I was able to and am now looking for a part-time job, I'm 58, as I know we can survive with me working part time.

Stress isn't good for IBS as I have suffered more when stressed. I don't know what to suggest for you apart from going to your GP to say how you feel - are you in the UK?. If you are in the UK then I would explain to him/her how you are feeling at work as I would say you need to be signed off rather than have to put up with your boss making you anxious.

Sorry I can't be much help.

Very best to you



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