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Hair test for food allergies - true or false


I've been reading about hair strand food allergies and honestly it sounds all a bit incredible to me... I have been researching other tests more specific for this problem and apparently there is no medical base to support them. My question is, does anybody think/know If the hair tests are reliable? I'm only thinking about this because my gp said that IBS and gluten intolerance go hand in hand and so maybe other foods... Am I being lazy trying to find a short cut that doesn't exist? ... 😶

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I tried it, because I was desperate after a bad flare up last year but I wish I had saved my money. I already knew I had one definite allergy that medics had confirmed but the hair strand test didn't pick this up. Instead it suggested a few odd things which have never caused me any symptoms & most of which I never eat anyway, like liver! I felt conned & wrote to ask if they had sent me the correct hair test results! I told them that I had a medically confirmed allergy that they hadn't picked up. They never bothered to reply, and they were one of the top recommended places in the UK for these tests. I wish I had saved my money and I think if you check with your GP, they are not medically recommended either. Sorry, good luck!

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