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Do Food Intolerance Tests Work?

I've never noticed if I've had a food intolerance before but is it time to get tested?

I've had symptoms of constipation, abdominal cramps, occasional bloating or gas, occasional nausea, tiredness and feeling weak for nearly a month now.(I've only been in work 4 days this month because of these symptoms).

I'm desperately trying to break the cycle and find some relief so I can return to work as my job is in jeopardy.

I've kept a food diary to try and identify any trigger foods but my abdominal pain and constipation are consistent, no food type seems to make it worse.

I have cut out fatty or sugary foods (I don't eat spicy food anyway).

Does anyone have any experience of using Food Intolerance tests? If so are any recommended/do you think I need to try one?

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Can you get these tests done? How?


You can do your own intolerance tests by leaving ne food group out of your diet for at least 2/3 weeks keeping a food and symptom diary to monitor any changes

Food groups are dairy, gluten, fruit and then there's onions, garlic, certain veg, tomatoes


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