17yrs old and very relieved

So after lots of stress and anxiety after that blockage i just got it out. How did i do it? i had 10 sachets of movicol over the course of 5 hours. i had mentioned in an additional comment to my original post that i was having urges to go every 10 or so minutes and i just got in a comfortable position kneeling on the floor with my butt up and pushed to get the stool movingforward a bit. i felt it soft enough eventually and i hopped on the toilet and pushed it all out. most rewarding thing ever.

Feel a bit sick now and it's all very bubbly weird crampy feeling downthere but i think that's because of the urges i was having and not pushing through (because i got physically too weak)

I know im not diagnosed with ibs and this is an ibs place but just wanna say thanks for your suggestions and udnerstanding and hearing me out. i was really very concerned for my health the last few days over the impacted stool (or so i think it was impacted)

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  • Im so glad you are feeling more comfortable now. I would still go and get it checked out at the drs tomorrow or whenever you can get an appt

  • You did it ! Yay! What a relief 😆

  • Hiya I am so pleased you found some relief, I would def go speak to your GP about whats happened. Movicol I swear by. I've been hospitalised with impaction and tbh thats what they do give you a huge jug full of movicol! or an enema of course. You can also purchase suppositories over the counter now, these help to relax the rectum to release the stool. the bubbly sicky feeling is the movicol working through your bowel, you probably need to get rid of more if you have been impacted. Hope you see a GP and things get easier

  • Hi! thanks for your comments on this and the other post of mine I made. I'm glad i found this place and can talk to people and listen to what helps them. i have movicol prescribed to me already from when i was younger. i tried to insert a suppository but i could not deal with how disgusting it felt (grooosssss) BUT anyway, I'm just dealing with diarrhoea now and trying to eat stuff because I've eaten terribly poorly especially next to what i usually eat. I'll definitely rethink my whole diet and i dont do any exercise except for lots of stair climbing at school... hmph.

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