Hi, i am a 24 years old female who suffers constantly from server cramping and diorrhea, i have visited the doctor a few times and they have said it may be inflamtory bowel diesease. My weight seems to be dropping miraculously, i have i gone from 7 stones to 5.5 stones in less than 2 years. My iron is very low and i find it very hard to keep going especially having a child of my own and being a nursery teacher.

Please help as i am very fed up now and totally confused.

Kindest regards

Aisha x

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  • You don't say whether you have had any tests such as investigations to check for coeliacs disease? If not coeliac, then tests to rule out anything else, e.g. colonoscopy, ct scan of pelvis etc. To say "it may be inflammatory bowel disease" in the absence of doing anything about it is astonishing .

    Go back again, and again until something is done to help you. If you have to pay to see a gastroentetologist then it may be worth it.

    I would immediately cut out wheat and all foods containing wheat, and onions and garlic and you may be amazed at what happens. Gluten free bread and products are available in all supermarkets. Also, try using lactose free milk, available everywhere. Go on to the Monash University website and look at the low FODMAP diet, it may just revolutionise your life.

    There are literally millions of people worldwide who are suffering as you are, so don't feel alone. I felt like you about a year ago, so I know just how you can be at your wits end not know which way to turn, with conflicting advice everywhere. And use this website.............giod luck

  • I agree with nobiker, go back to the doctor and insist on tests for intolerances, especially coeliac, (if they haven't been done yet.) Constant diarrhoea is one of the prime markers for coeliac and a host of other intolerances. Make sure they weigh you while you are there as even if you are very little 5.5 stones is very very light for an adult - no wonder you feel confused and unable to cope!

    Also remember to drink lots of water to help flush your system and keep rehydrated whilst you are suffering with diarrhoea.

    Keep going back until you get some answers.

    Best wishes and good luck. K

  • Hi aisha123 patricia here I to would agree with everyone you should get tested for coeliac disease I left it for yrs thinking it was ibs untill I lost so much weight & needed a urgent blood transfusion they got it wrong & I suffered with dyria & spasms for yrs then I got malnutrition with eaten gluten I was so ill so babe see your doctor & ask for the test then you can rule it out take care & be safe

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