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Non Alcoholic Wine

Hi fellow IBS Sufferers,

Recently I have tried a few different non-alcohol wines with varying results. At least two of theses, have resulted in a bad dose of stomach pin and urgent need to rush to loo with D. On reading the contents, I noticed Sulphur Dioxide was listed as a preservative. The reaction was within thirty to sixty minutes and set off IBS D attack which is still a slight problem next morning.

As it has now happened a few times, I think it is the Sulphur Dioxide that is the cause ,I must be sensitive to this and now wonder if this preservative is used in other foods and is maybe has been a major cause of other foods sparking off an attack. I used to suspect M & S packaged foods and I have noted that they have lots of E's and preservatives.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced anything similar and might add any helpful information on additives affecting IBS attacks.

This experience is a pity as the wine tasted fine and was helping me to cut down on alcohol consumption. By the way, I don't have an alcohol problem ,just enjoy a social gin or vodka and tonic but wished to reduce intake further, however, I was getting fed up drinking diluting juice drinks. Guess I will need to think again !


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