just my thought of the day ..the pic attached sum it all

just my thought of the day ..the pic attached sum it all

So ..we reached 2016 and we are still struggling with this horrible thing called IBS ?? Science and Medical community still haven't found a real solid treatment for this debilitating Nightmare !!! So frustrated 😣 ..sorry for the whining ..but feeling really down after not being able to go to my cousin's wedding party then being blamed for being weak and ( unsocial / hating people) ..etc ..No one wants to believe that I suffer from a real disease not just being a drama Queen 😡😡 people need to be educated .. I can't explain it to them my self coz they simply don't believe me or underestimate this illness 😳😩

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  • The medical community only knows medicine and surgery and this s from personal experience, Natural doctors cost too much has been my experience, I am going to see if the one in my new home town has any answers if not, then my last course of action may be Dr.Browse who specializing in these kinds of things but with products that work, Just my tow cents worth, hope it helps,

    Your problem is real even if the doctors say it is all in your head. My own doctor could not help me because he and many others dont know anything about nitrition .

  • Thanks for your reply ..if you find luck or some relieve from your new doctor ..please notify me here ..i'm willing to try any thing ..just sick of being sick all the time ..even one member here suggested medical marijuana (weed)..but unfortunately it is out of my reach 😭😔

  • ok

  • I suffer from colitis and I find that certain foods cause mine to flare up. Mainly wheat and corn. Which causes stomach cramps and bloating. Have you tried keeping a food diary to see what causes it to flare up. Best of luck in sorting it out

  • currently ..the only food i can tolerate are 4 (white plain rice / boiled potatoes / plain bread and plain pasta ) that's it ..no sauce or spices of any kind especially garlic and onions are huge triggers ..any thing other than my 4 safe foods will cause severe stomach pain (strong spasms and fire burning pain in the colon) exaclty 20 minutes after eating ..it will continue to hit until it ends in horrible diahrrea 😓😳 ..sticking to my safe food will just make the pain barable and give me more time before my next bathroom trip which is usually a (multi hours trip ) if you know what i mean ..sorry for the ( TMI )

  • I'm fed up with it ruining days out & ruling my life, sounds like you are too.

    IBS is an "invisible illness", like mental health issues. People struggle to understand (read take it seriously) if it's not something that can be cured by a course of pills or an operation. Even GPs.

    I have made another appointment with a GP at my surgery I haven't seen before to see if I get anywhere other than a quick poke of my tummy & "yes it's IBS, just gotta live with it" type reaction.

  • I feel for you, your problem is definitely real and unfortunately people that don't have IBS, which by the way is real, don't understand.

    Really hope that you find something that works for you.

  • Thank you 🌹

  • You are most welcome and I really do feel for you.


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