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Symptoms and Solutions!

Hi All,

First symptoms......I get serious cramping/spasms under right rib area.  It radiates to my back so badly that it really feels like I have a bad intercostal muscle strain.  Just feels awful.  Can't call it pain, just a major tightness and super uncomfortable.  I also have just like a tingly, uncomfortable feeling at that rib area......I feel it's probably nerve irritation. Anybody else?  I've been told it's trapped gas/constipation and I do notice it is gone when I can relieve myself which has been problematic.  I had been an IBSD person for almost 2 years.  Now it's IBSC.  All my life I've had C problems.

Solutions!!!  This has worked for me......Daily dose of organic Kombucha plus a cup of this tea at night>>>Traditional Medicinals, Organic Smooth Move tea.  It has peppermint, senna and licorice.  I drink one cup with honey.  It has been wonderful in allowing me to go to the bathroom.  Major emptying of bowels......no wonder I've had such discomfort!  It does not produce diarrhea, just loosens stool for elimination and does it naturally.   

So, there you go.  Hope that helps someone else as I know how awful this is.  It makes you anxious and worried which makes the whole thing worse!

Could anyone share if they also experience my symptoms please?


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i have had this right sided pain, itch and ache from my midline in the front to the back.  i've had it for years.  i've been told it's intercostal rib problem, post hepatic shingles, gas, and/or a problem emanating from the spine.  it does not seem to go away totally after i have a bowel problem.  thanks for your info.  i know of no one else who has this so it's good to read that another person may have the same thing.

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i get back spasms when i have ibs its usually the first sign with me .followed on by groin spasm/ D. Usually need buscopan/imodium,paractml sometimes codeine to ease groin spasm pain. heat pads, sleep if i can. occasionally get pain in back pocket area. all called referred pain. wish it was called deferred pain!

walking can help sometimes. other times makes it worse as if tablets have calmed it down and activity too much.

hope something herer helps



Hi, you have described my kind of pain exactly, except that mine is mainly on the left, but can be both sides, also radiating to hips and "back pocket" area. I often feel that it's muscular. I also get the tingle! Yoga definitely helps. Will try the tea!

No biker

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Doesn't it feel good to find someone who shares symptoms? Have you tried the tea??? It really helps relieve C!


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