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IBS causing total loss of libido

Does anyone else find they have lost total interest in their sex life, due to their IBS?  How does one ever start to feel sexy again, when you feel constantly bloated and want to go to the loo all the time.  Its difficult trying to maintain a happy marriage when feeling this way, especially if your husband is always perfectly healthy. 

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Yep totally agree. As you say, it's hard to feel desirable when your stomach is churning and you need the loo! My symptoms aren't constant but at only 29 I do worry about how things might get worse as I get older. Had a really bad week/weekend and just feel gross. 


On likely days reduce food intake,eat little and early in the evening,and take a Valium !


Yes I agree thats all good advice. Sadly though it kinda takes away from the spontaneity of it all.  My poor husband!


How does the Valium help. Just wondering as a male with the same problems.


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