I had a flare up of heartburn/ esophagitis after coming off esomeprazole for 2 years. My doctor told me I had done well for having not taken the tablets for that amount of time. In Feb 2016 I had a flare up and now can't get rid of the heartburn pain. I'm trying to eat bland foods but inadvertently eat something that prolongs the pain ( eating soup with tomato based source which I don't realise until I look at the ingredients on tin). I'm now taking 20mg of esomeprazole but am finding it difficult to know what foods I should be eating. I've just started taking Aloe Vera juice which I read is good for this type of thing. The pain is probably a lot more now because of the amount of time it's now taking for my body to build up to the dosage levels of tablets. I'm just wondering if this has been experienced by others and what methods they have used to alleviate such pain.- Thanks

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  • many thanks :-)

  • Hi Margarita,

    I once had a duodenal ulcer which I couldn't get rid of. I found that omeprazole and ranitidine both gave me diarrhoea and as neither did me any good anyway, I replaced them with Gastrazyme.

    Go here; myvits.com/product/gastrazy...

    My ulcer cleared up perfectly and heartburn and indigestion diminished so that I only ever get either occasionally. If I think I'm about to eat anything which may make them kick-off, I take 3 tablets before I indulge.

    Well worth a go.


  • Hi Rosie and many thanks for your information :-) I'll try the website you've mentioned as I'm in need of something despite taking the Esomeprazole and Aloe Vera juice. I eat something I shouldn't and then it's a vicious cycle.

    Just to say that I have clicked on the website you suggested and I have read good reviews about Gastrazyme. I had no idea such tablets existed. I was wondering where I can buy them from. I looked them up on Amazon and E-bay which both sell them.. Holland and Barrett don't. Or should I try and get them on prescription from my GP? - Thanks again.


  • Hello Steve and many thanks for getting in touch and responding to my query/issue :-) - I am currently taking Aloe Vera juice and need to give it more time. The other things you have mentioned I need to locate and then try them too.


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