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Do any of you go through this?

Apparently my ibs is deciding its been away from me too long... Haven't been feeling really good, and I know that is not unusual for any of us. I thought I was 'all better' this morning and then BOOM...barely made it to the bathroom and it was like an explosion happened... and it left me all weak and shakey...half hour later, still feel the same way. I can't understand why this happens.

I feel like going back to bed but have to be at a meeting in the bldg.

Good luck to all of us this week, hope you have a good one.

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That's IBS for you, isn't it.

I've had different symptoms through the years, from sore throat with acid reflux right through to the other end with a burning anus from chronic diarrhoea.

I've stopped telling my family if anything improves, because next day something else flairs up.

Gets to you doesn't it?


Hi Betty, anything could have triggered it off, try and think back to what you have been eating or drinking, also if you have had any new Meds lately. I hope you find the trigger and it calms down soon.

I use to be like that, but since watching my diet I don't get the shackes any more, only if I have had the dreaded antibiotics.

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