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citramag and colonoscopy

I had to take two sachets of citramag and 2 senna tablets before my colonoscopy on Saturday, which was a far better experience than I had expected, but now have very loose motions, could somebody who has also been through this let me know when things go back to normal?

Because they could not complete the colonoscopy I have to go for a CT colonoscopy in a few days

whereby I have to go through the citramag and senna treatment again - joy! Apparently I have acute kinks and a very long splenic flexture loop, uncontrollable and they couldn't reach the ceacal loop, all due apparently to the Birketts Lymphoma I had 17 years ago. Can anybody decipher any of this for me before I get to see the dr for a chat in about 3 weeks time?

Many thanks

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I only had them for a coupledays, then things started getting back to normal. Good luck on your next one.


Many thanks for your response, things have returned to normal which is a great relief, have now to go through the whole experience again in a few days for another scan, but it is reassuring that it does finally go away.

Hope you have a good day and many thanks again


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