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Acid Bile Malabsorption / IBS ?

Hi all

I have found out that I got acid bile malabsorption I found this out with some tests and having my gallbladder out . I am bit worry that over things wrong with me might be said by doctor to be just this or IBS.

I have just had my results from my MRI and coloscope and they are clear but I am still going thought pain where my gallbladder was and bloating and problems with my bowls now i got wait till July find out what else he can do I am worry he going say that all i can do :(

wonder if anyone else going thought this or had some advise thanks

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Hi zenco,Sorry to say but I've been going through this for years. I had my Gall bladder out about 12yrs ago and ive never been right since.

I've been through all the test including the ultimate test colonoscopy,about 6 Gastrologist all to no avail. I do take Lanzoprazole every morning which does seem to work on the bile. But as for IBS ive had that servere every day for years. Lots of people on here have had luck diets but not for me. I've also had no end of medication nothing seems to help me. But your symptoms sound just like me ,so you ever find relief let me know. Take care


Wow that long I think this been going more 4 years for me I just hope doctor I've got will help he really good but I keep my figures cross


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