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I need a bit of reassurance. I know that waking in the night needing a BM is a red flag symptom but my GP doesn't seem to think that's really what I have. He is sure it's an anxiety / IBS symptom and deep down I think he's right. I go through phases of waking early - sometimes 4.30am, feeling absolutely fine. As soon as I come round, I worry my IBS is going to flare up and within 10 minutes, my stomach is churning and I have to go to the toilet - which can be perfectly normal. It doesn't happen all the time but when I'm on a roll it seems to last until I can get my head around the worry and then break the cycle. It's really weird and it only happens when I'm going through a bad IBS flare. Can anyone else relate to this?

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  • Hi Binks, remember me. I think you do just have like anxiety IBS. My IBS is all day every day,but when I get to sleep it goes,if I wake in the night and just lie still and try to think of nice things until I drop back to sleep I'm fine,it's the only relief I get. When I wake in a morning if I just lie awake for awhile,as my body starts to wake as well, the cycle of pain begins again,Untill bedtime. I really do believe that IBS does not wake you up. Stress can make my pain worse. But I've been told mine is due to a dysfunctional bowel. As you know I'm going for Hypnotherepy New Years eve so fingers crossed. Sorry to have ranted on so long but it's difficult to explain yourself on here. Don't worry just take care of yourself.

  • Of course I remember you - hope things are good at the moment. I try and do some mindfulness as I lie there but it's not working at the moment. I have tried hypnotherapy - see how you get on and I hope it helps. have a lovely Xmas.x

  • You have a lovely Christmas too. Not easy when your not well!!! Big Hug

  • Hi Binks

    Something that may help... is waking up early, the same time every morning to go to the toilet so that you have you have a morning routine.

    I also struggle with IBS so I don't know the answers to our questions unfortunately but you're definitely not alone in this,

    Take care


  • Hi

    I get up every morning at 6 for work and even at weekends I am up by 7. I usually have some breakfast and then go to the loo (sometimes a few times!). When it flares up, my stomach churns and gurgles all night, keeping me awake. Sometimes I manage to fall asleep and if I then wake up earlier than I usually get up, it's gone - for 5 minutes. Then I have to go for a BM because the churning starts all over again. Drives me mad. For me, the nights are worse than the days when it's bad - and the silliest thing is that I anticipate it but no matter what relaxation techniques I try it makes no difference. Thanks for your reply x

  • Hi! Binks ....................I can relate to what you are saying its a chicken or the egg senario. Does IBS cause anxiety or does anxiety cause an IBS attack. In my case anxiety plays a big part but I am determined not to let it rule my life. I love walking and I really have to prepare myself for a days walking and pack my emergency kit. But when I do get into the walking I find it very therapeutic and can forget about my tum for awhile.

    Do wish you well and a Happy Christmas!

  • Oh poor you, have you been tested for lactose intolerance? Just a thought as I used to have a similar experience to you in that every morning on waking I would have to rush to the loo and have loose motions and even waking in the night with stomach pains and then be in the toilet for the next half an hour. I saw my GP who referred me to the hospital where I was tested with the lactose solution and several blood tests, my results were border line lactose intolerant, basically It was left up to me what to do so I decided to go completely dairy free. This was 5 years ago and almost immediately the nocturnal loose motions and the early morning rush stopped. Yes I still gave IBS flare ups but this side of things has never returned thank goodness. I wish you luck in finding a solution X

  • Hi fellow sufferer, I feel the same I have had test after test for so called i.b.s, I am finally going to resort to c.b.t, but I hope it helps as this feels like the last chance for me. My i.b.s is controlling my life and I've now had enough. Ask for i.b.s until you're blue in the face insist on it.

  • Hi I am the same about the sane time too the pain is bad I have to go jese I can't get back to sleep are you the same ?

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