really bad week

Hi all, could do with some support. I've had IBS on and off most of my life (now 36) but this week almost continual diarrhea. Stomach swollen to the point I can't wear jeans, pelivic aches & pains, and - the one that worries me most of all - a rash that's left me red, raw and sore around bottom and front bottom (sorry, this is embarrassing). Has anyone else experienced this? I'm freaking out. Keep worring about having contracted an STI or something but too embarrassed to talk to anyone. Thank you for listening. Elaine

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  • Oh shoot. Sorry to hear you're in so much pain. Consistent diarrhea can make my backside red raw and sore, but please consider seeing a doctor if it's impacting your other areas. Nothing to be ashamed of no matter what is causing your discomfort, and you'll probably feel better knowing what it is. They might also be able to give you some medication which could help ease your discomfort.

  • Yep, diarrhea will cause agony around anus - zinc and castor oil cream helps (try the baby counter!) but if its bad elsewhere you must see a Dr. don't feel embarrassed, they've seen it all, many times!

  • Hi Elaine, sorry you've had such a rotten week, I do sympathise. Re.the redness, front and back are so close together in women that it could well be the diarrhoea and the constant bum wiping that's causing the problem at the front, I get it myself if I'm not careful. I try to wipe from front to back though that's easier said than done. I also use a gentle baby wipe only around the back passage and clean my front bits with damp or wet cotton wool. By all means see your Doctor but it might "only" be peri-anal dermatitis.

    Take care and good luck.

  • I have used Vagisil wash on both bottoms! I also find the Vagisil talcum powder a good help too - it helps to keep your bits dry. They also make a lovely, soothing cream for lady bits. Yes, my bathroom shelf is full of the stuff.

    You might want to consider Anusol or something to soothe your bottom

    Good luck x

  • As to dealing with the diarrhoea, have you tried the low FODMAPs diet. It's certainly made a big difference to me and others on here. Wheat/rye/barley any anything in the onion family seem to be my worst triggers.

  • Hi all,

    My anxiety has gone through the roof - which of course doesn't help anything. So I can't thank you enough for your kind words and feedback.

    I've have a doctor appointment on Tuesday morning, and trying to stay calm till then. Also been using sudocream but will definitely check out the products you recommend.

    I really wish the docs would refer me to a nutritionalist/dietician for an elimination diet, as I feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of information sometimes.

    I also developed roscea 18 months ago and think it's all tied together, but having tried to heal it naturally finally relented and went on Erythromycin in Sept. There's been no improvement in the skin but no worsening either and apparently it takes 3 - 6 months to work.

    I'll keep you posted. And in the meantime hope the rash etc is due to the week I've had rather than anything more sinister, as my overactive imagination would have me believe!

    Again, thank you. I really appreciate this support,


  • There is quite a link between IBS and rosacea apparently. Rosacea is the reason I had to take antibiotics for 3 months this year. Brilliant for my face, but not so good for my guts! I was prescribed Lymecycline by my dermatologist which is a tetracycline. Within 2 weeks, the papules and pustules and redness was on the way out, and after a month I had never had such good skin. I stopped after 3 months, as advised, and now I am 5 weeks post pills and my skin is still fine. If it flares up again like it did last spring, I will take the Lymecycline again no hesitation.

  • A dietitian might not necessarily be able to help.

    You can do your own food elimination by leaving one food group out at a time. Lactose/dairy can be the most common cause of diarrhorea (as in my case) - if you do try eliminating food groups give it at least 3 weeks to see if it helps.

    Also keep a food and bowel movement diary which will help to see if there is improvement and it anything in particular is affecting you at certain times of the day

  • Finchley Cliniic have a good website giving lots of info on probtiotics etc. which might help also regarding colon cleanse products which again might help-you can also speak to advisers who are very helpful - I use oxypowder forcolon cleanse which really helps me. Colonics may help too. Dead Sea Salt baths also very soothing and good to keep area clean and free from infection - you can get dead sea salt from holland and barrett or sites on the net. Good luck

  • thanks all,

    I have done 3 week diary elimination diets and kept months of food diaries, but to no end. I just feel I need some professional support/supervision with this now as it's been getting me very down and/or anxious.

    Brill news the medication worked for your rosacea Binks.

    I think right now I need some resassurance re: rashes, and also rest. So that I have the energy and willpower to try a more extensive elimination diet. Could anyone recommend a good programme or book for guidance?

    Thank you


  • Did you try the fodmaps elimination? I found that was the only diet I found results with. If you're considering seeing a dietician, I'd consider one that is familiar with this diet. And give it a go before you see them - that way they can check to see if you're accidentally including anything off the prohibited list.

  • The trouble with only limiting one food group is that if it is a problem digesting short chain sugars (FODMAPs) then it cuts across food groups. It helped within a few days ref pain/bloating/gas/diarrhoea but it has taken 5/6 months to get fully stable. Since then I have reintroduced lactose - not a problem- and recently wheat - headaches as well as usual digestive symptoms, 2 colds, mouth ulcers and a cold sore in a period of 2 weeks!

    At least the FODMAP diet would take some stress off your bowel for a while.

    While I was still eating wheat I did get 3 attacks of vaginal itching (not thrush) which were treated with a mild steroid cream. Never linked this to my digestive problems, but I haven't had it since I stopped eating wheat.

    You might want to take a look at Grain Brain by Dr David Perlmutter.

    Some fascinating symptoms linked to gluten intolerance - all linked to the inflammation it sets up in the body (and brain).

    So while wheat may not be your trigger, the Low FODMAPs elimination diet will probably give you a stable base to start your own investigations.

    I'm in the UK and haven't so far managed to get any help with nutritional advice through the NHS. It's not really taken seriously here.

  • Hi,Elaine

    Well,from one Elaine to another,I know exactly what you are talking about!

    I know its embarrassing so if ud like to email me for a more private conflab,let me know.

    Elaine xx

  • Hi all, thanks for sharing re: FODMAP. Going to check out some serious dietary alternatives a bit later down the line, but right now only concerned with fighting whatever infection I have.

    Saw a nice doctor who allayed my anxieties by giving my nethers a look-see! Anxiety is an awful truth twister sometimes.

    She reckons I've got a bad bug. Have sent off some urine and stool samples to see if I've a UTI or anything else. So happy to have gotten the ball rolling.

    Still quite under the weather and bloated etc, but less anxious.

    I love this forum, almost grateful to the anxiety for bringing me here!

    Keep the info coming, it's a pleasure to read the posts and talk to other's who understand


  • Glad you went and saw someone - I was wondering how you were getting on. Hopefully they can clear everything up for you soon.

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