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Been ill for 5 weeks now, this is the longest flare up ever, 3 doctors visit, A/E visit on Boxing Day and still feeling frightened and lonely, started with a chest infection, then down hill from there, dizzy, nausea, pain in the lower left hand side of my stomach (I also have diviaticulitus), sweats, headache, burning sensation in my throat and mouth, I'm on colpermine, mebverine, and domperdone , all of which I take regularly, also on my third course of antibiotics, don't know what to do next, any suggestions from my IBSers friend would be so welcome, could it be diet related?, I don't know, think I'm also suffering panic attacks now, I just want to feel normal. Thankyou for listening to my rant.

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You poor thing. I have just come through an 8 week flare up and it ruins your life I know. The fear is just awful and when it's bad, my mind doesn't know what to do. I have a good GP and have also been to A&E with the terrible pain, but in the end, you have to wait it out and just do everything you can to lessen any stress, and eat carefully. One day they will find exactly what the changes are in the bowel which gives us these symptoms - I think we all know our symptoms are organic and not all in the mind. Have you read about the 4 different causes of IBS? Some of us have an overlap of a couple of them, but in the end I am convinced there must me a physical change which they just can't see by investigations. Keep hanging in there - you are certainly not alone.


Very well put Binks. That sums it up for me too. I have had a flare-up for the last couple of months and the pain has been very bad. I too have a very good GP but I think he feels a bit helpless. I am taking Buscopan at the moment and Paracetamol for the pain but it does not really help. I have seen a dietician who was not very helpful - she gave me a very basic leaflet which told me nothing I did not know already! It is a rotten time of year to be feeling like this and I do sympathise but at least here we can feel we are not alone.


Hi, sorry to hear your going through this and i have no answer, i wish i did as i am going through exactly the same at this time, not slept for two weeks, chain smoking, and no light at the end of the tunnel.

But we survive and come out the other side, wish you and all other sufferers luck


Sounds awful. But hang on in there...try the FODMAP diet. It will help you to pinpoint which foods if any are the triggers to your symptoms.

I also personally do not think that taking so many meds can help...they can often cause so many problems themselves...also once you start the FODMAP diet you may find that you don't need those meds.

Post back if you need help on the FODMAP...check out Monash University for the best info on it or ask your GP to refer you to a dietician who specialises in it.


I agree. I'm on FODMAPs . Antibiotics nearly killed me, convinced me I'd be homebound forever. Get a support group even if it's OA (they deal with any kind of eating issues) and they're free! Also find a PT who specializes in abdominal pain. Important to have human touch. Best of luck.


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